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Power your Electric Fencing with D Series Energiser

 electric fencing

Electric Fencing with Mole Valley Farmers

Electric fencing is the most economical way to enclose your animals and keep pests a predators out. With this in mind, Mole Valley Farmers have developed a number of own brand products for our customers.

Electric fencing is harmless and easy to install and is likely to last much longer than ordinary fencing. With less strain being put on the fence itself due to the animals avoiding it after experiencing their first shock, the life expectancy of the fence is preserved.

This season sees the introduction of our versatile dual power “D series” energiser battery range. The three units vary from a punchy 1.0J to a powerful 3.5J, all at super competitive prices. With two power input options, 230 volt mains supply or 12 volt battery unit, these energisers can be used for permanent fencing with 230 volt mains supply or mobile fencing with 12 volt primary or rechargeable batteries. They come with a 12 volt supply cable (including stainless steel clamps), 230 volt mains adapter and fence and earth connecting leads.

Casing is splash water resistant and allows an outdoor installation without any problems. When the unit is operated with 230 volt, the mains adapter should be installed indoors. All energisers come with a two part mount post-earth stake (for maximum efficiency minimum of two earth stakes are recommended). A mains power adaptor, 12 volt battery lead, fence connection lead, earth connection lead and fence warning sign.

As well as batteries, you will also find an array of wires, gate components and warning signs all designed to a quality standard and available to you at the best price possible. For more information, pick up our electric fencing products at your local branch.


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