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On Guard 24 Hours a Day, this Electric Insect Killer Will Give you Peace of Mind

electric insect killer



Get Peace of Mind and a Great Deal with a SWAT Electric Insect Killer


You can buy a SWAT electric insect killer dispenser and get a free refill at Mole Valley Farmers


The insect killed is ‘on guard’ 24 hours and it uses an automatic dispenser along with a powerful, yet naturally derived insecticidal aerosol spray to kill insects indoors. 

The dispenser can be set to dispense up to 24 hours per day, providing over a month’s coverage from each can. The spray contains the active ingredient, Pyrethrin. This is a powerful insecticide, derived from a specific strain of chrysanthemum which is non-toxic and safe to use around livestock.
S.W.A.T. is highly effective in dairies, stables, kennels, pig houses and poultry sheds and provides total convenience and peace of mind. The dispenser units are battery powered and can be mounted on the wall wherever needed, once fitted with the aerosol can, they will provide automatic insecticidal coverage, all day every day.
The S.W.A.T automatic insect killed is currently available for £20.95 and additional 300ml refill cans are available to buy separately. 
Buy a S.W.A.T. Automatic Electric Insect Killer at Mole Valley Farmers.

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 Mole Valley Farmers' Newsletter, page 602

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