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No Need for Extra Chemicals to Get the Floors Sparkling with Electrolux Steam Cleaner

 electrolux steam cleaner

Test Drive of the Electrolux Steam Cleaner

Mole Valley Farmers reviews the Electrolux steam cleaner.

The Electrolux Z150A 2 In 1 Steam Cleaner has a 1200W Power Rating, steams in approximately 40 seconds, includes, easy fill - large water tank, quick refill and claims to be light-weight and easy to maneuver. Mole Valley Farmers’ Caroline Rowden took one for a test drive: 

Being the natural sceptic of anything that doesn’t involve some decent elbow grease, when it comes to cleaning, I tested the Electrolux 2 in 1 steam mop. I’ve never owned a steam mop and didn’t see what the fuss was about. So, one week before I moved house, I was asked to test this product out. 

It was relatively easy to put together and to get working. The water tank is removable and was easy to refill. I started out with cleaning the linoleum floor in the kitchen and was pretty impressed. It easily lifted any residue that had built up from where the mop had run around the edges of units and washing machine.

I was impressed more so because I didn’t need to use extra chemicals to get the floors sparkling. I then tried out the extra attachment for the windows which was good but left the mirrors a bit streaky for my liking. I then used the same attachment, without the fabric cover, to clean the children’s mattresses and the spare bedroom mattresses. This really impressed me!

There was an extra attachment in the box with brushes on the bottom. Hubbie used it when cleaning the oven and I on the nooks around the baby’s cot. Overall, I’ve been converted! It’s not the prettiest looking implement in our kitchen but it does a really good job.





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