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 energy switching for businesses

Transparency in Switching Energy for Businesses

Over the past weeks we have been working with many businesses on their energy switching, getting them better rates and contracts.

Whilst working with our clients it has become apparent that many use brokers or go direct to a few suppliers themselves in order to secure their rates. However, this has also thrown up some questions.

So, let’s look at the broker route first. A broker should be working on your behalf to secure the best tariffs. Many are however, affiliated with specific suppliers and often don’t go to the 28 companies that Moleenergy do. Energy brokers are not regulated and so can legally receive introduction fees from the energy suppliers. We all use business jargon, including the energy sector - this protects some of these organisations from revealing their charges. My advice is to ask plainly what their uplift is (charges) and see what response you get.

Also broking companies can be based in Canada, Europe and even the Baltic States! This means that they don’t know your business and slightly worse they don’t know you. It’s only a process.

As for going to power companies direct, who has the time to contact 28 odd suppliers then negotiate with them all?

At Moleenergy we ensure you get the very best rates plus a dedicated energy specialist. We go through everything with you and highlight what rates you could and should pay, as well as being open and frank, answering any questions.

We are trusted, honest and offer great value.

Why not compare us to your existing service? We are certain you’ll be impressed with our service and with the deals we can identify for your business.

Contact us on 01803 225631, even if you’ve several months remaining with your contract. We can start working for you immediately to secure your next tariff.


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