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Try Our Cost Effective and Clean Way To Keep Your Horse with Equinola Horse Bedding.

equinola bedding

Fed Up With The Price of Shavings and Trying To Get Rid Of Your Muck Heap? Try Equinola Horse Bedding!  


Fresh Smelling Stables and Healthier Horses Thanks to Equinola Horse Bedding.


You will also find it is extremely cost effective compared to some other types of bedding due to its exceptional absorbency, coupled with a great price. It is made from high quality rape straw which has been sourced from local, UK farmers. The rape straw is chopped, followed by thorough dust extraction resulting in absolute minimal dust levels in the bedding.


Lemon Tea Tree Oil which is a natural essential oil is applied to the bedding to give a wonderfully clean fresh aroma in the stable and is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory, anti mucus and helps with respiratory conditions such as COPD. In addition a non toxic, natural herbal ingredient is applied to help deter horses from eating the bedding.


Equinola bedding is extremely biodegradable, rotting down in smaller muck heaps in about 3-6 months after which it can be spread on the land which means considerably reduced manure disposal costs compared to some other bedding types. 


A new stable would take about 6–8 bales to set up, depending on size and shape of banks and thereafter, about one-two bales per week dependent upon management and size of the stable and the horse or pony. Why not try Equinola bedding and experience all the economic advantages plus less mucking out, fresh smelling stables and healthier horses?

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