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Save Costs and Improve Productivity with our Faecal Egg Count Kits

 faecal egg counts - sheep worming


Molecare Faecal Egg Count Service

Using the Molecare Faecal Egg Count Service to make the most of every wormer dose 


You may not be aware that Mole Valley Farmers sell a faecal egg counting kit for sheep. The cost of the kit is £5 + VAT. It contains packaging for up to 10 sheep faecal samples, which can be pooled in the lab to give an idea of worm burden in the sampled group. Alternatively the kits may be used to test a single animal, e.g. a particularly poor one to find out its worm status. The kit contains a prepaid envelope so once samples are taken, you can put them straight in the post. Samples should be fresh, so take them straight from the animal or put the group in a clean pen for an hour and collect the dung from the floor.


So how can we use this kit?


In sheep I would suggest a pre and post-worming (2 weeks after) pooled sample for every group wormed. The pre-worming sample will give you an idea of roundworm and coccidiosis burdens to see if the animals need treating and what to treat with. The post-worming sample will tell you how well the treatment has worked and will help to highlight wormer resistance issues in the flock. Here are a few example scenarios:


As you can see by integrating the clinical picture with accurate test results, informed worming decisions can be made, most of which are likely to save costs and improve productivity.


At Molecare Farm Vets we routinely use these kits to help our clients make the correct worming decisions. We are also currently able to take advantage of the Healthy Livestock Scheme funding to look for resistance issues and devise a parasite control plan specific to your farm. This will allow you to make the best use of the parasite control products available to you. If you have any concerns regarding your flock or any of the information in this article please contact your veterinary surgeon to discuss the issues further.  



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David Jackson, Large Animal Vet, Frome - Newsletter 590

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