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Influence Yield & Quality by Choosing the Right Fats

feeding rumen protected fats

Feeding Rumen Protected Fats

Feeding rumen protected fats is a common strategy to increase dietary energy density and thus energy supply to high yielding dairy cows.  This helps support milk yield and, depending upon the type and quality of fat, milk quality.  For example, calcium soaps are well known to promote milk yield whilst more refined fats containing high levels of palmitic acid (‘C16’) such as Energizer RP10, influence both yield and quality. The latter type is also held to be more palatable, maintaining intakes even at relatively high inclusion levels.

However, with milk prices dropping, the cost effectiveness of feed raw materials is sensibly questioned. For protected fats, it is important to understand the likely responses - in terms of dry matter intake, milk yield and milk fat production - and matching these to the milk contract in place.

Logic suggests that for a liquid contract, with little or no milk quality premium, calcium soap would be the preferred protected fat option. On the other hand, products promoting both yield and quality would be favoured for compositional or manufacturing contracts.

For example, the cost of feeding Energizer RP10 is broadly covered by the anticipated milk yield response and a net gain accrues from the premium attracted by the higher quality milk. For a cow giving 30 litres/day and fed 300–400 grams, this gain can be worth an extra 20–30p/day profit depending upon the individual contract. It is also worth considering Energizer RP10 to ensure maximum prices are realised within liquid contracts, i.e. avoiding low butterfat penalties.

In conclusion, protected fats are an important tool in optimising dietary energy density and intake. Sources can be used tactically to ensure targets for total dry matter intake, milk yield and quality are met in order to achieve maximum returns from a given milk contract.


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Judith Clifford, Senior Alternative Feeds Trader

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