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A Feliway Plug in or Adaptil Diffuser Can Ease an Anxious Cat or Dog.

 how to calm your pets - feliway plug in or adaptil diffuser


How To Calm your pets for the fireworks season with a Adaptil or Feliway Diffuser


A Feliway plug in for cats or Adaptil Diffuser can comfort and reassure your pet.


The firework season can be an anxious time for the nation’s pets with recent research by Ceva Animal Health revealing that 57 per cent of pet owners believe that the festivities are stressful for their animals. Help is on hand as Adaptil for dogs or a Feliwayplug in for cats are scientifically proven to help comfort and reassure pets at times of stress. 


Ideally a couple of weeks before Bonfire Night an Adaptil Diffuser should be plugged in the room where a dog spends the majority of its time, or where it sleeps. This will allow the comforting pheromone to build up to significant levels and ensures the pet is as relaxed as possible before, during and after the firework period.  


Plugging a Feliway Diffuser in the room where a cat spends most of its time 48 hours before firework festivities will help ensure it is as relaxed as possible.  In multi-cat households, shutting cats in overnight may cause disharmony.  A Feliway diffuser should help to prevent inter-cat tension.


To help support your pet during the firework period. Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of Adaptil for dogs, has created a short film on firework advice featuring hints and tips on how to help your dog. Available on the Adaptil website - - the footage includes information on preparing a den for a dog to hide in while the fireworks are going off.


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