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Gardening for Beginners and Young People at Mole Valley Farmers.



Advice on Gardening for Beginners 


A recent survey suggests young people spend up to 15 hours in the garden each month. Here our gardening for beginners guide can help you make your first steps into horticulture.  

You may think young people are permanently connected to the internet or playing on their games consoles, but a recent survey suggests that the average 25-35-year-old spends 12 to 15 hours in the garden each month. If you’re a keen green fingered enthusiast our guide on gardening for beginners will help you spend more time on your knees pulling weeds and planting rather than sitting in front of a monitor. 
One of the first things you’d need to help you get underway (and surprise your parents next year when several flowers start popping up which they never knew were planted) in the garden include your basic digging equipment such as forks, trowels, and all those other things needed to get your hands dirty and start planting a lovely display ready for 2015.
Secondly, to avoid anything getting caught under your fingernails (and let’s face it, we wouldn’t want our nice young clean hands getting covered in soil), you will need some garden gloves. Not only good for keeping clean while in the garden, but you will be protected from thousands of broken fingernails, painful splinters and infected cuts.  Mole Valley Farmers have quite a selection of gloves ready for action (and they come in all different colours too including lavender, black, olive and yellow). 
Although not quite the time for it yet, it is worth preparing ahead of time to make sure you’re ready for planting. Daffodils and narcissi should be planted in around October to ensure that they establish a good root system by winter. Plant the bulbs quite deeply, around three times the depth of the bulb, in groups or drifts for the best display. You’ll be able to find some bulbs in branch, so with your gloves, forks and trowels you should have the basics to brighten up your garden come next spring.
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