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All Lambs to be Electronically Tagged

government ruling requires all lambs to be electronically tagged


New Government Ruling Now Requires all Lambs Being Tagged in 2015 to be Electronically Tagged.

EID tag legislation

From 1st January 2015, in England, all lambs less than 12 months old and not yet tagged will now have to be electronically tagged.  Non-electronic batch tags for slaughter lambs have been removed from sale and in place EID tags will be supplied across the board with optional electronic reporting of sheep movement also introduced. 

Slaughter tags – mandatory EID in any lambs tagged from 1st January 2015

Mole Valley Plus are able to offer the most competitively priced EID sheep tags and applicators on the market with special discounts available to all Mole Valley members. For those with larger flocks or who want to be more efficient, we can also supply the Tag Faster system which has an automatic tagger for Tag Faster EID twins and Tag Faster batch tags. This system allows you to tag six times faster than traditional tagging.


ARAMS – New Sheep Movement Database

Animal Reporting and Movements Service (ARAMS) is a new sheep movement database which has been effective since 1st April 2014. As a farmer it is optional to register with ARAMS, however, for markets, abattoirs, collection and assembly centres it is compulsory to report electronically including all EID numbers.


If you chose to register with ARAMS the database will allow you to report and receipt all movements electronically


EID Readers

Mole Valley Plus can offer a full range of management systems to help you get maximum benefit from the introduction of compulsory EID.  There are a number of solutions to read EID tags, from entry level handheld readers to advanced Bluetooth enabled stock recorders and many options in between. These will allow you to easily scan your flock at home or at the market, recording tag numbers which can then be used alongside any other management data you require.


Weigh Systems

This is now also a great time to consider the use of a weigh system and replace guess work with facts.  As a Mole Valley Farmers member you have access to member discounts across the Iconix and TruTest systems.  With options of load bar and weigh head capabilities, there is a system to suit your individual requirements whether you are looking for an upgrade to your current system or an entirely new system. 


Weighing your stock will give you the ability to maximise and manage stock growth rates, monitor individual animal performance by automatically linking EID tags with weight, improve genetic selection, confirm accurate weights prior to breeding, weigh for precise administration of medicine, monitor the health of your stock, determine weaning weights and check sale weights.


  • Special EID offers available through Mole Valley Plus
  • Ritchey XRS stick reader £150 off RRP
  • Agrident Bluetooth EID stick reader, printer and carry case offer, only £829
  • Handheld EID reader for £190 when purchasing 250 EID Quicktags
  • Farm Wizard Stick reader £369 with a £10 voucher towards a new run of Dalton EID tags


EID- what can we offer?

Choosing the correct EID management system can be a very daunting prospect with so many options on the market, with such a wide range of capabilities. The service that Mole Valley Farmers can offer you is support throughout the process, from selecting the most suitable system for your farm, to ongoing technical advice throughout. We have a team of specialists who can discuss options available for EID tags, EID readers, handling and weigh systems and external experts including our Red Meat Team, who are available to provide invaluable support to you, ensuring the process is as straightforward and profitable as possible to fit with your individual business needs.


What am I looking for?

When deciding on a management system, the first question that needs to be asked is ‘what is the end result I am looking for?’ Are you looking to record all management data such as live weight gain, medical records, movements and such like, or are you looking to just read your tags for the time being. The advice that we offer is to consider your long term ambitions for your business and invest in a system which allows you to show this progression by adding to your current system, without having to replace your original equipment to that with higher capabilities. 


Management systems available to you

The most basic system available would be an EID reader that will read your tags then link to your computer to download the tag data onto an easy to use spreadsheet. The next step would be to link this information to the animal’s weight. A basic weigh system will allow manual input of weight alongside animal identification numbers, with more advanced systems including Bluetooth capability alongside electronic recording and presentation of your results.


Handling systems make management of your flock much quicker, more efficient and therefore a more profitable process overall. A mobile handling system such as the Prattley or Alligator system will allow many optional extras such as electronic weigh systems, shedding gates and panel EID readers, to be added at a later date if needed, as you look increase your management competences and ease of data recording. At the very highest level of handling capabilities, would be a fully automated system which will automatically read tags, weigh and draft your stock, with total hands free operation achievable. 


For further information on the full range of EID tags, weigh systems and handling option available to you as a Mole Valley Farmers member, please contact our team at Mole Valley Plus: 01769 576201 and we will be very happy to support you throughout your decision process.




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Clare Beaumont, Mole Valley Plus

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