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Grassland Management & The Grassometer

 grassland management the grassometer


Mole Valley Farmers has exclusivity to this exciting new grassland management product 

A new, sophisticated multi-functional grassland management tool has recently been unveiled and Mole Valley Farmers is pleased to have exclusivity to the market with this product. The Grassometer will help you measure and manage the grass on your farm giving you field by field records, speed of recording, convenience, ease of use, data recording accurate benchmarking, greater accuracy and greater planning for your farm.

The unit straps to your wellington or can be mounted on a pole. It gives numerous readings and comprehensive analysis of the crop. It is electronically linked via a telephone app which can then be downloaded to the farm office computer and promises to be the next generation for measuring grassland. 

Map - With the Grassometer you can set up initially online using Google Maps which is fast and straightforward. Then simply add herd and animal details with other information such as grazing allocations. Phone GPS enables the Grassometer map to show paddocks and track the data recorded. Live calibration allows for instant display of kgDM/ha as well as grass height. Crop management and grazing decisions planned, recorded, actioned and made simple from the field.

Measure - As soon as in-field measurements are uploaded, the farm’s latest “grass wedge” is instantly displayed. The wedge is dynamic, allowing for detailed planning. Paddocks can be clicked on and taken out for silage, whilst herd numbers and grazing allocation can be changed to allow for detailed decision making.

Manage - Fertiliser use, grass growth and grazing history are all tracked. Data is benchmarked and can be shared. Intuitive and easy to use the Grassometer Web App is an extremely powerful farm management tool that allows detailed analysis of every aspect of farm performance.

We are interested to hear from any farmer who would like to be involved with the fine tuning of this equipment. For details call Forage Services on 01769 576405.


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