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Grubs Frostline 5.0 Welly Review

 Grubs frostline review - Josephine Pitman

A Review of Grubs Frostline 5.0 Wellies

Josephine Pitman from RAU Cirencester shares her Grubs Frostline 5.0 Welly Review


Mole Valley gave this description of the Grubs frostline 5.0 wellies 

  • Stretch fitting with breathable neoprene upper. 
  • 100% Waterproof, lightweight and flexible. 
  • Super-Dri™ lining to wick away perspiration and create a comfortable temperature range. 
  • Orthopedically designed foot bed and foam insole to create comfort. 
  • Usage: Intensive use


I have split up my review into different categories which include look/appearance, feel/fit, grip and sole comfort, material, use and price to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for in a pair of wellies.

Look & Appearance

The overall look of these wellies is fairly appealing, although fairly chunky they are not garish and are well made. Because of the colour and material I cannot imagine they’d bevery popular for someone wanting a fashionable welly but as mentioned above they’re designed for intensive use so would be great for general work wear on a farm or yard. Plus if you are working long hours on a farm or yard it's comfort before beauty! 

Feel & Fit

Initially these wellies were slightly uncomfy, this was due to them never having been worn before (as with any new pair of shoes it takes them a day or two to shape to your feet) and the rubber on the lower half and around the ankles hadn’t been stretched or moulded, for this reason I wouldn’t recommend wearing the wellies for a long period of time the first time you put them on, the back of the ankles also came in more than I thought it would, which could cause rubbing and when I followed the beagles in them it did. Other than this the wellies are very comfy to wear walking around and have lots of ankle support, perfect if you are constantly climbing in and out of tractors or walking up ramps on a farm or yard. I wear a size 5 when I wear wellies to allow for when I wear thick socks and this size fits me perfectly whether I am wearing thick or thin socks. Due to the material on the inside they can be a bit grippy and awkward when it comes to taking them off but this could also reflect on the material of socks. With a boot jack or non-knitted socks I feel this wouldn’t be a problem.

Grip & Sole Comfort

The grip on this pair of wellies is amazing, the imprint on the bottom is designed to ensure extra grip on wet and muddy surfaces and it definitely works. Being someone who likes to test gravity on a regular basis, having wellies that ensure I’m not going to go skidding on a flat surface is a massive bonus! As the material round the ankles is rubber it provides great support too. Inside the wellies are very comfy, the foam insole definitely makes a difference to comfort.



The neoprene upper on these wellies definitely keeps in the heat, perfect for those chillier mornings or when standing in wet conditions. During the testing I didn’t have a problem with water leaking in which is an obvious bonus when wearing a pair of wellies! The wellies are very very warm, the Super-Dri lining works adequately to wick away any moisture or perspiration. Though due to the wellies being made of such durable materials and having a thick lining they are heavier than I was expecting them to be, but this doesn’t impede movement or detract from comfort.


I would say these wellies have multipurpose use, whether on a yard, farm or for just general wear and tear. But they are definitely best suited to being used in an intensive environment. The materials and sole mean that they would last for a long time. 


For what they are I would have to say these wellies are fairly priced, with other wellies that could do the same job being more expensive, and plus you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds for something that does its job perfectly! 

Overall think I would give these wellies a 7/10


Josephine's boots were supplied by Grubs.

Source Details

 Josephine Pitman, Team Ciren in the #UniInMyWellies project

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