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Do You Have Mycotoxin Issues?

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Do You Have Mycotoxin Issues?

As you may be aware, in July ADHB warned growers that this season’s GB winter wheat would be at a higher risk from fusarium toxins than we have experienced in recent years.

OmniGen-AF® New Dairy Immunity Product
Mole Valley Farmers has launched a new feed supplement aimed at supporting natural immune function in dairy cows.
Extensive trials carried out by Phibro, which included 427 US herds, including more than 273,000 cows achieved:
• A 13.6% reduction in mastitis
• A 22.6% reduction in metritis
• A 20% reduction in retained foetal membranes
• A 23.2% reduction in death losses
• Just over 50,000 cells/ml drop in bulk tank somatic cell count on average
A separate study also observed a trend for improved yields through the first fi ve weeks of lactation, while another noted a significant increase in milk production by day 97.
Dr Chris Bartram, Head of Nutrition for Mole Valley Farmers, says the patented product has huge potential to help UK farm profi tability as immune status has a signifi cant impact on cow health and productivity.
OmniGen-AF® is recommended to be fed to dry, pre-fresh and lactating dairy cows every day to help support healthy immune function.
John Lawrence, Senior Mineral Supplement Technical Manager for Mole Valley Farmers says “The product is part of the company’s drive to be a leader in ruminant nutrition and is part of a wider product development programme.“
He adds: “OmniGen-AF® will be available as part of our Mole Vitality™ Farmpack range. Farmers can choose to buy it as a stand-alone farm pack or incorporated as part of a Mole Valley Farmers mineral.”
To receive a free copy of OmniGen-AF® please call 01278 420481

It is therefore likely that the risk of fusarium moulds on other crops including whole crop and maize could well be higher this year. If you are concerned about mycotoxin presence in your ration, please speak to your Mole Valley Feed Solutions adviser.

Mycotoxins are microscopic, highly toxic substances which occur naturally in a variety of moulds that grow on forages and feed. They accumulate in food and feed crops in the field.

90% of mycotoxins come from the field!

Milder, wet weather conditions combined with feeding higher dry matter forages and feeds are contributory factors to an increase in cases. The toxins produced by the moulds are ingested and then affect the cow.

Mycotoxins are not bacteria so cannot be ‘killed’ or removed by any additive or acid. 

The Hy-Sil project found that 89% of maize samples (42% of which were considered to be ‘high risk’) and 71% of TMR samples tested positive for mycotoxins, (Bristol Vet School, University of Nottingham, Duchy College, Mole Valley Farmers et al 2014).

The only way to deal with a mycotoxin challenge is to effectively bind them in the gut.

Symptoms of a mycotoxin challenge are many and varied depending on the particular mycotoxin involved and the level of contamination, however these can range from animals generally under performing for the ration they are eating, reduced milk production to infertility, or swollen hocks. Animals that are under acidosis challenge will be more likely to be adversely affected by a mycotoxin challenge so always check that your ration is suitable for your cows and understand their acidosis risk and status.

If you believe that you may have a mycotoxin issue on your farm, often the best course of action is to feed a good quality mycotoxin binder for 14-21 days. If you don’t see an improvement then it is likely that the problem is not mycotoxins.

Rumi-TOX™ is a comprehensive and cost effective solution to help bind many mycotoxins and to minimise their negative effects in livestock. It contains the fi rst additive to be authorised in the EU to specifi cally counteract mycotoxins (minimum afl atoxin binding capacity of 90%).

Feeding Rumi-TOX™ reduces mycotoxin absorption in the animal and contributes to the control of mycotoxins, thereby reducing the damaging effects of mycotoxins on the animal’s health.


For more information on Mycotoxin or OmniGen speak to your Mole Valley Feed Solutions advisor or ring the mineral line on 01278 420481 or email [email protected]


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