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As Horses Develop a Thick Winter Coat, Horse Clipping Can be Essential for the Regular Worker.

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Horse Clippers- Clipping to Keep your Working Horse Cool. 


Let Mole Valley Farmers take care of your horse clipping needs this winter


As soon as autumn arrives, horses start to develop a thick winter coat and horse clipping can become essential at this time of year. For horses that live outdoors ‘unrugged’, their winter coat offers essential protection from the cold, wet weather. However, for horses that are in regular work, winter coat becomes a hindrance, causing them to sweat heavily.


From September to December, the coat will grow quickly and you will find that within a few weeks any clip marks will disappear and the coat gets thick once again. Competition or hunting horses are typically clipped every three or four weeks after the first clip. 


There are many different horse clipping styles and designs. When considering the types of horse clip, you should think about


  • Whether the horse will be stabled
  • Whether the horse will be turned out during the day
  • How much work your horse is in
  • The rugs you have, or are prepared to buy

Before you begin to clip, you need to ensure the clippers are clean and in good condition, always check the cable for any breaks, ensure that the circuit breaker is working correctly. The blades need to be clean, sharp and with no broken teeth. Ensure that the tension bolt is not bent, as this can cause over heating issues whilst clipping.


Whilst clipping, ensure that you have an adequate quantity of oil available. The 60ml bottle of oil supplied with a clipper is sufficient for the clipping of one full clip.


Helpful hints and tips


  • Lack of oil causes the blades to overheat, which in turn upsets the horse. 
  • Incorrectly tensioned blades causes overheating/ pulling of the hair
  • Badly sharpened blades can cause overheating/pulling of the hair
  • If the clipper stops working whilst in use, check that the circuit breaker or the overload button has not popped out on the mains clipper. It trips for a reason – check it out before restarting (lack of oil, tension problems, broken cable).



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