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Better Coats and Stronger Horses with Mole Valley Farmers Branded Equine Feed

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Horse Feed for Champions at Mole Valley Farmers 


Champion rider Kimberly White buys all her horse feed from Mole Valley Farmers.


Kimberly 20, is an under-21 young rider who has represented Great Britain in the Two Nations Cup as well as travelling the country competing at county shows. Her ambition is to join the Senior Nations Cup squad and fight for a place in Brazil 2016 and Japan 2020 Summer Olympics.


As well as competing at the highest level, Kimberly now runs her own yard, based in Chilworth near Southampton where she runs her company KW Equestrian, producing horses from birth and guiding them all the way to competing in professional show jumping events.  


Kimberly makes sure that all her horses are fed on Mole Valley Farmers equine feed: “I was intrigued when the store started selling the Mole Valley Farmers brand of equine feed and decided to try it. I have used many different types of feed in the past but I found that the quality of this feed was much higher.  The feed was a lot more cost effective as I didn’t have to give horses as much to maintain their weight and all my horses gained a lovely shine to their coat just through feeding them horse and pony cubes, Alfalfa and Alfalfa Plus. Every horse in the yard is now fed on Mole Valley Farmers feed. My horses absolutely love eating Mole feed too, so I’m not the only one who has been impressed.“


Kimberly is proud of how quickly she was able to rise through the ranks to become a professional show jumper. This is in part thanks to her dedication and being trained by English international show jumper Tim Stockdale. 


“My childhood revolved around horses – I’ve always loved them, although at one point when I was young, my family encouraged me to become a sailor. At the age of 13 we sailed across the Atlantic with the Atlantic Rally Cruisers, and in 2007 settled in Antigua in the Caribbean." 


Kimberly returned to the UK in 2010 which is when she first met Tim Stockdale who was able to get her back into training. “There’s such a thrill in working with a live animal, anything can happen.” Kimberly added.  “You can be as good as you can, but at the end of the day the other half of the work put in is down to your horse. When you have success, you share a special bond with your animal and you know that their hard work is for you as a rider. I think that’s just lovely.”


For any keen show jumper who would want to follow in her footsteps Kimberly added: “Keep your head down and no matter what people throw at you, keep going. It’s not an easy sport or industry to be in but if you work hard it will pay off.  “A good work ethic is essential” she added.


For more information about Kimberly, visit her website:


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