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An Aid to Improving Lambing Percentages

improve lambing percentages

Improve Lambing Percentages

Improve Lambing Percentages - Use Feet & Fertility Plus Mineral Bucket

Farmers are aware of the benefits of flushing as a means of improving ewe fertility and, therefore, lambing percentage. The benefits are primarily due to the increased supply of energy and the effects this has on reproductive hormones. Animals, including sheep, have evolved to only breed successfully when they are in good condition – if this weren’t the case then the stress of pregnancy in an unfit animal could endanger the life of that animal.

Traditional flushing practice involves providing the ewes with good high quality pasture. This in turn provides the ewes with the necessary energy and condition boost, but does not provide all the vitamins and trace elements they need.

Balancing vitamin and mineral requirements

Feet & Fertility Plus has been carefully formulated to balance the vitamin and mineral requirement of both the ewe and the ram during this vital period. The inclusion of high levels of phosphorus, cobalt and vitamin B12 help ensure that the increased levels of energy are efficiently utilised. Trace elements such as zinc and manganese, provided in the protected Bioplex form, are essential for optimum reproductive hormone production. Selenium and iodine also play a role as they are central to thyroid function which in turn is a key energy regulator.

Not only must the female’s vitamin and mineral status be ensured, so too must the male’s. Semen is an extremely sensitive tissue and semen production and quality has been closely linked to selenium, zinc and vitamin E status. Given that semen production takes from 6 to 8 weeks it may be prudent to consider introducing Feet & Fertility Plus to the rams before female flushing begins.
Feet & Fertility Plus is a premium product which makes use of the most effective vitamin and mineral sources available.  Introduce 4-6 weeks prior to mating.

Grass issues?
If there is insufficient grass, then the use of Super Energy 16 is recommended. This product has the added advantage of being a feed bucket, primarily based on soya.

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20kg MVF Code 43815

Shaun Hambley, Alternative Feeds Product Manager and Nutrition Adviser



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Shaun Hambley, Alternative Feeds Product Manager and Nutrition Advisor

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