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Silicon Steel Tines from Sparex, manufactured by German Firm SHW

 loader and grab tines

Loader and Grab Tines


Selecting the right quality and type of tines for your agricultural machinery


Mole Valley Farmers stock a range of the most popular tines. Our relationship with Sparex means that you can buy many wearing parts from us. Each of our branches has a comprehensive catalogue and access to the full Sparex product listing through their website. 

Visit your branch and speak to a member of staff who will be pleased to help you select the parts you want. Delivery can be direct to farm or into the branch for you to collect when you next visit. Sparex stock the full range of SHW tines.

Who are SHW and why chose their tines?

SHW are a German manufacturer who supply tines to many of the leading manufacturers of front end loaders.

Sparex offer a comprehensive range of market leading SHW loader tines, with over 100 different models carried in stock for immediate delivery. 

Why are the tines special?

  • Special steel
  • Made from silicon steel with a special alloy (37 Si 6 So) specifically designed for manufacturing tines. This steel gives the tines strength and flexibility required for the toughest conditions. Each tine is hand tested during the manufacturing process to ensure high quality standards are achieved.
  • Roll forged
  • Roll forged to provide a uniform, high quality finish.
  • Conical taper
  • An important feature unique to SHW is the machining of the conical taper. The precision machining on a CNC lathe gives greater contact with the mating bush/loader frame which helps reduce premature breakage.

Wearing Parts Catalogues can be obtained at your local branch, find you nearest store here.

Installation instructions for loader tines.

  • Pay attention when fitting tines to help ensure longevity of the tine
  • Tighten to the right torque when fitting tines
  • The tine should be seen as a major factor in handling. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the following -
  • Nuts should be tightened to the following torque: (INSERT TABLE AS PER NL PAGE) A torque wrench should be used when the tine is first fitted. Tines should be checked periodically, as failure to ensure the correct tightness will lead to premature breakage.
  • The repair bush should be inspected before fitting a new tine. If the bush is worn, it is highly advisable to replace to ensure the longevity of the new tine.

For a complete loader tine solution offering high quality at competitive prices, call in at your local branch where you will be able to browse a comprehensive catalogue, or see the Sparex website for the full range of loader tines and other related products.

Caution: Do not attempt to straighten a tine as this can be dangerous and the tine will never regain its original strength.




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