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Becky Walters Writes As She Prepares For Her Internship At Luck-E Holsteins.

Becky Walters leading West Berriow Moden Fairystory

MVF's Becky Walters Writes As She Prepares For Her Internship In The United States.

My name is Becky Walters, I am 19 years old and I am about to set off on one of my biggest journeys yet!

I live on a dairy farm with my parents, milking pedigree Ayrshires and Jerseys. I have my own herd of pedigree Ayrshires and have recently started my own herd of pedigree Brown Swiss. I have been showing cows since the age of 10 making my way to winning local and national shows, I work for farmers all over the country showing and preparing their animals.

My passion is showing cattle. When I started out showing I was always at the bottom of the class with my older sister always winning-which like any siblings I hated!-this didn’t make me loose heart. I won my first class at Launceston show in 2007, this was the first of many for me. I went on to win All Breeds All Britain Calf show champion handler in 2009 and four times winner of the south west calf show.

As I started getting older I realised I had to work for my winnings which meant I had to start clipping cows myself (luckily my dad has his own clipping business!) it took me 3 years to perfect my clipping and im still learning new skills today. 

I was then noticed by farmers at shows and have been asked on many occasions to work for them, and now I am a showaholic!! 

I have recently returned from a scholarship with Semex, to the royal winter fair in Toronto, Canada. This consisted of working alongside 12 Holstein dairy cows joining teams with people from New Zealand, Germany, Brazil and Poland. I was out there for 12 days and enjoyed my time away. From this experience it has pushed me to want to work with those cows again which is how I have found my newest adventure.

I have been offered an internship with Luck-E Holsteins-one of the biggest genetic herds in America-for 3 months. It will consist of clipping cows for classifying, general farm work; milking, calf rearing and calving, the chance to work at the ‘World Dairy Expo’ in Madison and be part of their team hosting world delegates at their farm.

About the farm – the farm is run by two brothers Matt and Joe Engel. They milk 160 pedigree Holstein cows in a 38 stall barn using 19 milking machines. All the cows are housed in sand freestalls and feed a one group TMR. Calves are raised in hutches for 80-85 days and are then loose housed on straw bedding. Heifers, milking cows and dry cows are put out to grass 8 months a year.

I will be updating my posts every 2 weeks whilst on my travels so keep a look out for more information on what im getting up to!  


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Becky Walters, Mole Valley Farmers, Lifton Mill

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