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Molecare Products - Our Own Brand Range of Animal Medicines

Molecare Products 2015

Saving You Money With Molecare Products

Molecare Own Brand Medicines Equals Real Value

Mole Valley Farmers was founded in 1960 by a group of North Devon farmers to prevent supply companies from profiteering at the expense of farmers and whilst the company has grown and developed, this ethos remains at the heart of everything we do today. All animal health products are regulated by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, with new products subject to a rigorous testing regime to ensure both effectiveness and safety. The testing and licensing of a product is a long and expensive process, which can take up to five years and costs millions.

No compromise on quality

There can be no compromise on quality under this regime. Licensed animal medicines have always been an area where retail prices could be challenged. It is accepted that the cost of research and development has to be reflected in the selling price, which is why new products have a period of exclusive patent, usually seven years. After this, other manufacturers are able to produce generic products which mirror the original and are sold at a lower price. However, farmers often prefer to buy the branded product and are prepared to pay a premium.

Offering outstanding value
The most important proviso for Mole Valley Farmers is to offer customers outstanding value for money, without compromising on product quality in any way. Bearing this in mind we decided to develop an ‘Own Brand’ range of animal health products and undertook to only partner with market leaders in the field of animal health to ensure our product quality was at least as good if not better than the best-selling products on the market and use the negotiating strength of the volume our customers to deliver significant discounts which we can then pass back to our customers.

Saving farmers over £960k
We launched Molemec Cattle Pour-on, injection and sheep drench in 2011 and to date, customers have purchased 4.4m-300kg doses of Molemec Cattle Pour-on, 4.6m-50kg doses of Molemec Sheep Drench and 400,000- 300kg doses of cattle Molemec injections, saving farmers over £960k on like for like products from market leading brands which are manufactured on the same production line. From time to time, due to the volumes we purchase, we are able to negotiate further short term discounts, which we pass on to our customers.

Committed to saving you money
Following the success of the initial launch of the Molemec range, we have introduced several other products, which have also been well received by our customers, but we remain committed to saving customers money.

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