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New Product Using Trace Element Bolus Technology is Now Available at Mole Valley Farmers.


new bolus technology

New Bolus Technology Available at Mole Valley Farmers

Trace element bolus show to deliver more consistent levels of nutrients for breeding cattle.

New trace element bolus technology developed and designed by Agrimin Ltd. of Lincolnshire is now available at Mole Valley Farmers. It has been shown to deliver more consistent levels of nutrients for breeding cattle.

The 24.7 Smartrace system, extensively tested in New Zealand, provides controlled supplies of iodine, selenium, cobalt and copper over 180 days at a cost of around 3p/cow/day.

The daily supply of these vital nutrients delivered by Smartrace boluses compares favourably with other bolus products.

The selenium content of Smartrace matches animal requirement and given the more efficient technology, supplies more than enough selenium for 6 months. New Zealand trial data confirms this.

24.7 Smartrace and 24.7 Smartrace Plus were tested in a large extensive trial with Charolais and Aberdeen Angus cattle in New Zealand on a site known to be lacking in copper and selenium. Results demonstrated that 24.7 Smartrace boluses were effective in restoring liver copper and selenium reserves over the 24 week (170 day) period and blood copper and selenium levels were maintained in the normal range. 

Agrimin 24.7 Smartrace Plus For Cattle comes in packs of 10 and can be picked up in store or ordered online. You will receive a £15.00 gift voucher if you buy four packs.

Only one bolus required to deliver the animal’s full daily requirement of essential trace elements for 180 days.

Suitable for dairy and beef breeding cows and growing stock over 400kg live weight.

A 180 day sustained release bolus containing copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt.



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 Mole Valley Farmers' Newsletter, 602 

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