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Tupping Season with Mole Valley Farmers

Mole-LYX tupping products


Preparation is key when it comes to ensuring a successful tupping and ultimately a successful spring lambing.


The benefits of flushing are well known as a means of improving ewe fertility and therefore lambing percentage. These benefits are primarily due to the increased supply of energy and the effects this has on reproductive hormones.


Traditional flushing practice involves providing the ewes with a good, high quality pasture, which will supply the ewe with the necessary energy and a consequent condition boost. Grazing alone though, will not provide all the vitamins and trace elements needed at this key time.


Feet and Fertility has been carefully formulated to meet the vitamin and mineral requirements of both the ewe and the ram during the flushing and tupping period. The inclusion of high levels of phosphorus, cobalt and vitamin B12 help ensure that the increased level of energy is efficiently utilised. The full Mole-LYX range now incorporates Sel-Plex, an organic form of Selenium and high levels of vitamin E. Selenium and vitamin E both play an important role in immune function and are vital for growth and reproduction.

Although selenium is available in grazing, the most recent research has shown selenium deficiencies in up to 60% of all UK flocks. It is recommended to introduce Feet and Fertility four to six weeks before tupping.


If there is insufficient grazing, it is advised to provide additional feed sources such as Mole-LYX Super Energy 16 Elite feed bucket, which is a premium high energy product containing high levels of bypass protein and suitable for almost all tupping situations.

If ewes are in poorer condition and/or where forage quality and quantity is a concern then Mole-LYX Super Energy Elite feed block would be the product of choice.


For more information or to request a Mole-LYX brochure please call 01566 780284


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