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Mole-LYX Mineral Solutions

Mole-LYX at Mole Valley Farmers

Mole-LYX mineral solutions


Mineral nutrition has become increasingly important as a result of advances in genetics, higher performance aspirations, a greater dependence on forages and straights, along with new nutritional standards for feeding livestock.


This has brought about a greater reliance on mineral supplementation to enhance livestock performance. Regular mineral supplementation is therefore a key component of animal health, fertility, performance and profitability.


We introduced a new mineral supplement range to our product portfolio and launched the range at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show. The Mole-LYX range reflects the latest research and innovation, with performance and nutrition at the forefront of our consideration.


Incorporating Sel-Plex across all products


Sel-Plex is an organic form of selenium which is absorbed, stored and used better by the animal than the normal inorganic form. Selenium plays an essential role in metabolism, growth, reproductive efforts, neutralising free radicals and supporting the body’s defence mechanism against infection.


Mole-LYX mineral supplements are manufactured in one of the UK’s most modern and sophisticated production facilities. The best quality and high specification ingredients ensure both consistent quality and optimal animal performance.


The mineral and trace element supplementation plan for a specific group of animals must be reviewed on a routine basis with the nutritional adviser. It is important to assess the total contribution from all types of feed.

The range


The Mole-LYX range offers a wide selection of mineral supplements to meet the needs of all livestock husbandry systems.


The range includes:


• Mineral buckets which provide the major minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Available in both 20kg and 100kg hard buckets.


• Feed buckets which provide the major minerals, trace elements and vitamins with added energy and protein to help balance shortfalls in the diet. Available in both 22.5kg and 100kg buckets. Now also in square buckets to easily identify from the round mineral buckets.


• Feed blocks which should be fed in conjunction with forage and can replace or be fed with compound feed, to provide the animal with a balanced diet. Available in 22.5kg blocks.


Benefits of feeding mineral buckets and blocks


• Waterproof - allowing free access at all times


• Convenient way to meet the vitamin and mineral requirements of livestock


• Help to promote natural foraging behaviours


• Simple delivery with long term storage and shelf life


• Palatable to the animal


• Cost effective and labour saving in all livestock production systems


• Long lasting, less labour required to refill


The new Mole-LYX range is available to buy through all stores and also direct to farm through the alternative feeds office.


If you would like a copy of our Mole-LYX guide please visit your nearest Mole Valley Farmers store or call your local Farm Sales Office.


For advice on feeding the new Mole-LYX range of buckets and blocks please call Alternative Feeds on 01566 780261 and speak to one of our specially trained support team.


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