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Not your Average Store - Mole Valley farmers

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More Going On In Store 

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION at Mole Valley Farmers Holsworthy

Watch the clip above to see what's been going on in store...


Animal behaviourist and adventuress Emma Massingale, plus an interesting cast, have been busy making a new short promotional film exclusive for Mole Valley Farmers at the group’s newest store, at Holsworthy.  

Her unique training methods mean that the film features ponies Albert and Ernie, (stars of Emma’s Shetland Adventure, which is being screened on The One Show on 9 November), sports horse Custard, a Dalmatian dog, a chicken and a duck!  Various staff from Holsworthy made cameo appearances in the ‘Night at the Museum’ inspired film.  So while the camera ‘saw’ the animals walking, posing, pushing shopping trollies (yes, really!), moving sacks and even stowing away in the Show and Events van, the afterhours staff never quite did….

Andy Skarzynski, Head of Marketing says:

“It was great that the staff got involved and making the film looked a lot of fun.  We have called it ‘More going on than in your average store….’ as we believe that is exactly what people find.  From our exceptional customer service, in depth agricultural knowledge, great prices and offers, to the range of goods and services we provide, we feel that we can surprise with what we offer.  And Mole Valley Plus, a division exclusively for our Members, is there bringing services and items not to be found in branch at the keenest possible prices.”

Andy continued:

As one of our sponsored equestrians, I feel that Emma has helped us to condense this concept into a fun and amusing film.  However, I must admit that when she first explained her idea I was quite sceptical and even slightly concerned about bringing animals into our lovely new store!

But the resulting film looks amazing and we hope that it will help us bring the Mole Valley Farmers concept to a much wider audience, in time for Christmas.”


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Susi Atkinson.

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