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Make Sure you Have the Right Food for Your Pet to Combat Obesity in Dogs.


Let Our Dog Food Help us Ease Obesity in Dogs


Did you know obesity in dogs is a massive 35%? Getting the right food can help prevent your pet getting overweight. 


Did you know you can help keep your pet healthy and reducing obesity in dogs by buying dog food online from Mole Valley Farmers?


A massive 35% of dogs in the UK are overweight or obese which can lead to a variety of serious health implications. From a health point of view it is very important to know if your dog is overweight, or too thin so making sure your canine is fed well, should be, as an owner, one of your top priorities.


The majority of quality feed manufacturers’ formulate a research based diet plan to provide a complete balanced meal for your dog. 


Once you have achieved your dog’s ideal weight and body condition score, maintain this and weigh on a regular basis. A light or maintenance diet for the overweight dog will have lower protein and energy levels and if fed the correct quantities should allow your dog to gradually lose weight in a healthy manner.


If your dog is underweight, consider a higher protein or an advanced nutrition diet with a single protein source. If you increase the work load, increase the ration, but more importantly, if you decrease the work, decrease the energy content to a low energy or low protein maintenance diet. The key to changing your dog’s diet is to do it gradually over a couple of days in conjunction with your old food. 


If you are worried about your dog’s health, speak to your veterinary surgeon or if you are looking for nutritional advice, call in at your local branch and see a member of staff who will have knowledge of the products stocked by Mole Valley Farmers.



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