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OmniGen-AF Farms Report Data

 Omnigen AF

2000 Cows, 8 Farms, 180 Days - The Immunity Challenge 2018

John Lawrence provides an update on the 2018 on Farm Immunity Challenge

You may recall that we first introduced OmniGen-AF to a group of farms in the UK in mid 2016. This involved feeding OmniGen-AF to approximately 3,000 cows on 13 farms for 120 days in an Immunity Challenge (IC). We monitored the incidence of health events on the farms before OmniGen-AF was fed. The resulting data was then compared to that following feeding with OmniGen-AF, three months later.


On the strength of the results from those initial farms, we have increased the duration of the Immunity Challenge period to 180 days. In addition we have extended the range of health parameters that are monitored, including drug spend where the data is available. We will be sharing these extended findings when we have a larger data set.

In the mean time we would like to share the health event data from the first group of farms on this second phase extended IC. There are now approximately 12,000 cows on UK farms feeding OmniGen-AF, around 5,000 of which will complete their 180 day IC by the end of July. For the first phase of the 2018 Immunity Challenge, there is new data from approximately 2,000 cows on eight farms. Not all farms record all the data parameters, so the number of farms reporting data on each parameter are shown in brackets beside the title of each health event shown in the table below.

2000 Cows, 8 Farms, 180 Days - The Immunity Challenge 2018

immunity challenge chart

Return on investment (ROI)

This has been calculated using the accepted costs for each health event published by Macrae and Esslemont, in ‘The Prevalence and Cost of Important Endemic Diseases and Fertility in Dairy Herds in the UK.’ Bovine Medicine (2015): 323-337. Return on investment on these eight farms was 5:1 which represents an excellent return. We would typically expect to see this in the range of 1.8 - 2.2:1, however it goes to show what can be achieved.


OmniGen-AF - How to feed

OmniGen-AF is recommended to be fed to dry, transition and lactating cows every day to help support healthy immune function in the face of expected and unexpected stress events.

Please note: as accuracy of feed rate is important, OmniGen-AF based products are not suitable for free access use.

OmniGen-AF can be:

  • Included with any mineral product from Mole Valley Farmers
  • Supplied as a straight farmpack for incorporation with your own rations
  • Available in a range of transition rolls for feeding to dry cows


Omnismart calf milk powder is a high performance whey based milk powder with OmniGen-AF and at least 10% skimmed milk powder.

  • It contains a specific protein (26%) and oil (18%) balance for optimum growth
  • OmniGen-AF and immunoglobulins help support the immune system and increase resistance to the threat of disease
  • OmniGen-AF is also available in calf rearer nuts with an option with or without Deccox.


For more information on OmniGen-AF® please call the Mineral Line on 01278 420481 or email [email protected] #MVFHotTopics


Source Details

 John Lawrence, Mineral Supplements

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