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The Bekina Steplite X Review by our #UniInMyWellies tetser Rebecca Kelsall.

Bekina Steplite X


#UniInMyWellies Bekina Steplite X Review

Being a person that never goes a day without having to put a pair of wellies on my feet, I thought I would be a great candidate for the #uniinmywellies competition. And what great fun it has been! I spend most of my time on dairy farms, as a relief milker, so it was important that my wellies were able to sustain dairy chemicals, and I got given a pair of Bekina Steplite X in green.  After usually being a wearer of le chameau and hunters (wellies that are fitted and feminine on me), It was very different to be wearing quite chunky wellies, and I really didn’t think I’d like them at first. 
However, after a few milkings, I REALLY love them. They’re so comfy, especially with the insole fitted inside of them, and admittedly they aren’t true to size, and the size 7 felt more like a size 8 on my feet, but that meant I could throw on several pairs of thick warm socks inside and my feet were SO toasty in the parlour. With my hunters and le chameau wellies, thick socks were never really possible because of how fitted they were on my feet. 
The Bekina Steplite X are also really light on your feet too, they are made of polyurethane, and are thermo-insulating so they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They also have a high toecap, however it is not steel, but it still gives your toes extra protection.
When I come to choosing a pair of wellies I always think about comfort, style, durability, and appearance. The Bekina’s definitely ticked all the boxes for comfort and durability, however, if on a shelf I would have never picked them up on their style or appearance, but that’s just me being a typical girl! But after testing the Bekina’s, I have been pleasantly surprised, and I now wear them more than my le chameaus and hunters, especially in the milking parlour! They wash off SO easily, and still look like new even though I wear them every day and put them under the elements! I haven’t been disappointed in them yet, and will be continuing to use them around the farm and in the parlour, and save my other wellies for agricultural shows and events!
If any improvements were to be made on the Bekina wellington boot, I feel that the size should maybe be adjusted for women. I understand that the Bekina Steplite X has been given added width for comfort, but I do feel this is only an advantage for men. And to increase the appeal to women, the wellington should be made to look a little more feminine rather than bulky. However that is a very small and petty adjustment, and I really couldn’t fault the use of the boot at all! I have even highly recommended the boot to the farmers I work with!! 
I have loved every part of the #uniinmywellies trial, especially being involved in such a great team, that is #teamharper! Thank you for giving me the great opportunity.
p.s. they also survived many bites from some of my very cheeky saddleback pigs after I got stuck in the mud, quite literally!! GREAT BOOT!!  Read more about Rebecca and her pigs here.

Rebecca's boots were supplied by Bekina.

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 Rebecca Kelsall, Harper Adams University from the #UniInMyWellies Project.

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