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Get Rural Broadband with our Great Mole Valley Member Deal.


Mole Valley Farmers Have Teamed up with Europasat to Provide Rural Broadband


With the importance of getting online more essential than ever, the necessity for rural broadband is becoming a must have for those in the agricultural industry. 


Registering new born livestock, movement of animals, and claiming back VAT are just some of the things that can now be completed easily with an internet connection.


However, around 10% of UK premises are in “hard to reach areas” meaning finding a reliable connection to the internet can be almost impossible. Last month the government announced plans to offer high-speed internet to 95% of homes and businesses by 2017, however this still leaves 5% who will continue to struggle.


This can cause many problems as this article on the BBC points out. 


Thankfully, there is a solution and Mole Valley Farmers in partnership with Europasat can help. With satellite broadband you have no need for a fixed telephone line meaning that you are not dependant on old cables or being far away from the local exchange. 


Using a small dish on the outside of your property, along with a set-top box inside, you will be able to pick up fast broadband, reliably, wherever you are located.


You may also find satellite broadband to be an improvement from the speeds that WiFi can achieve in some areas. 


Mole Valley Farmers members can take advantage of our offer of discounted broadband by getting £50 off SES Broadband hardware and connection for £19.90.




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Europasat & Lewis Clarke

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