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Schokolat - A Special Chocolate Gift with a Difference at Mole Valley Farmers

Schokolat lock & key

Schokolat at Mole Valley Farmers

Want a Unique Chocolate Gift This Christmas? Make Sure It’s Schokolat!

Have you seen our amazing range of tools and utensils which may make the perfect personalised chocolate gift this Christmas! The authentic chocolate confectionery looks like the real thing with nicks, chips, scratches and an aged look!
So, if you are looking for a personal touch that will stand out from the average slab of chocolate, look no further.
Made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate (60% cocoa solids), the products are hand crafted and include items such as spanners, nuts and bolts, pliers, hammers.
Unique to Mole Valley Farmers are chocolate shotgun cartridges, so if you are looking for a present for a keen shooting enthusiast these may fit the bill.
As well as shotguns, we have a variety of chocolate treats including horseshoes, spanners, nuts, bolts, hammers and even a garden tap!

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