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A Review of Seeland Allround Neoprene Lined Wellingtons

 Seeland Allround Neoprene Lined wellies

Review of Seeland Allround Rubber Boots Neoprene Lined

The Seeland welly appears to be a more affordable version of le chameau wellies. Of course at fewer than half the price you expect a lesser quality wellington boot. However I didn’t find this the case.  My Seeland wellies were not only comfy and warm but very practical for many things such as riding, working on the yard, walking round farms to an entire day beating. The grip on the Seeland wellington boot was great walking across a slippery yard on the ice I stayed upright the entire time. Ever since receiving my wellies in October last year I haven’t gone one week without wearing them. They’ve been to bonfire night fireworks displays; work on the yard, around the Royal Agricultural University, in lectures, farm walks and on days beating. Other than the mud my wellies look like they’ve hardly been warm they are so durable and sturdy. These Seeland wellies have been very durable with horses standing on them, a friends puppy inside them and generally worn until I could wear them no more. With a quick wash I’m sure they would look brand new. This makes them perfect for the country lover. With the roomy sizes welly liners or welly socks fit comfortably inside Seeland wellys which keeps your feet extra warm when out in the rain and cold conditions the Great British weather can throw at you. This makes them a very practical wellington boot in the Great British countryside. My Seeland wellies are also yet to spring a leak. Many pairs of wellies I have had over the years: bought in the autumn, wet feet by January however my Seeland wellies seem to have been able to take all that I have thrown at them. The water still just beads off the sides even after walking through a puddle that “isn’t that deep” but was nearly to the top of my wellies. Seeland wellies are flexible around the ankle which makes them comfortable to walk, drive and ride in. Being slightly shorter than the average person I often find wellies are too long up my calf however these are a perfect length allowing wading through deep puddles as well as not pinching my leg at the back of my knee. 

Initially the heel on the Seeland welly put me off as I thought it would be impractical for working in all day beating however they were very comfortable and I hardly noticed the heel once they were on my feet. The thick soles on the Seeland wellies make them rather heavy initially but I soon got used to this and didn’t find it an issue after a week of wearing them. The only real negative I found to these wellies is around the calf there was a lot of extra room. I know I don’t have the largest of calves but with welly liners and thick socks I could still fit my fist in there. However I’d still recommend them to a friend.

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 Rebecca's boots were supplied by Seeland.

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 #UniInMyWellies review by Rebecca Hicks

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