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Another Pair of Seeland Wellies Gets a Review...

 Seeland Wellies at Sunset


#UniInMyWellies Seeland Wellies Review 2014

Over the last two months, trialling Seeland wellies has been great fun and a really eye-opening and informative experience. You quickly forget what you look for and appreciate in welly and it is only when you are given the perks of a strong, comfortable pair that you learn what you do and don’t like in them.

My wellies have seen mud, frost, water, snow, and they haven’t once disappointed. They are consistently warm when necessary and comfortable at times of long wear. From wearing Hunters for as long as I can remember, to wearing a pair of Seelands the difference was quite noticeable. Firstly they seemed heavy, thick soled and long in the leg which when considering comfort, were all important factors. A friend tried them and immediately didn’t like them because of their weight; it was only when she pointed this out that I realised I had forgotten this. The soles are definitely thick and in some respects heavy. But in contrast, you do not feel a thing when you walk. Going back to wearing Hunters would be like going from trainers to flip flops on rough ground. I have adjusted very quickly to their weight and it is not something I think about now. The length of the wellies was also something I noticed at first, this also became more prominent when I took a photo of several pairs of wellies with mine. However when wearing them, I haven’t noticed it at all. I expected them to perhaps rub my leg or touch my upper leg when I bent my knees but it never caused me a problem. I actually found it more helpful as I am always the one that manages to rub mud all up my wellies and onto my trousers from the way I walk but the height of the Seelands stopped this.

The comfort of the wellies is something I have appreciated in the Seelands. The neoprene lining is bouncy under the foot and always warm and snug. The fitting around the leg meets the fine line between being too tight and cutting off circulation and being too loose and letting cold air in. I haven’t found any need to wear thick socks with the wellies, even in snow, in that the neoprene provides a glove to your feet and even after several hours in them I didn’t get cold toes

Although at times I have found the souls of the wellies a little excessive in thickness, they would be hard to ride in or run in if need be; however the comfort and robustness of them meets all the needs I have as a student and a country girl. Their cosiness, size and shape make them adaptable and easy to wear and I feel they would be suitable to many needs of the agricultural or rural industries as well as for domestic and everyday use. I can safely say that I am a convert and will definitely be recommending them to anyone looking to invest in a great, adaptable and impressive pair of wellies.

Written by Olivia Yates.

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Olivia's boots were supplied by Seeland.

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 Olivia Yates, #UniInMyWellies project

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