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A Seeland Boot Review

Seeland wellies

Seeland Wellingtons Review


As part of #TeamCiren, I tested a pair of Seeland wellies in a forest green, with a neoprene lining in a size 6. I am generally classed as a 6 1/2 in shoes (euro 40).  I would probably say that the boots' nearest competitor would be the muck boot.


Over the past 2 years, I have worn le Chameau's. Both the Neoprene Vierzonord in a size 6 (euro 39 so ladies fit calf - slim calf) and the cotton lined country tracks boot in navy size 6 1/2 (euro 40).  My current wellies I would expect to last me at least 4 years, and I would probably spend a maximum of £200 on a pair of wells due to the time spent in my boots, but typically I would not buy the cheap wellington boots anymore as they are a waste of time for my needs, so I would spend around £100.


I am a farmer’s daughter so my wellies are mainly worn at home on the farm, in the fields out hunting and pointing as well as on my own yard and the various yards I work at, so on the average day I'd be wearing my boots for at least 3 hours.


My trial boots were only worn for approx. 1 hour daily, they were fairly comfortable, had a cushioned insole and the fabric sides which I would say were more of a fashion accessory!! The foot size 6, was absolutely fine, although it was third time lucky to get a boot that fitted! The first boot was a 6 1/2 and just came up too big and then the second boot was a size too small 5, so I was late starting with the testing!


For this particular boot I would probably recommend a retail price of around £50/£60 pounds, similar to its rival Muck Boot.


My boots were tested on the college farm needing disinfecting, out of farm walks in the mud, on the yard which I work at whilst I'm at uni and driving. They performed fairly well, although I wasn't a fan to drive in them because they are shaped more for the man's foot, they were a little bulky for my liking. They did the job, however I wouldn't buy them in future, because they are too heavy and bulky for me. I only have little calves and I like a snug fit, so finding a boot which is more fitted to lady has been hard, hence why I am not so fussed about the price I pay! Also I’m not a fan of green, so the colour wouldn't attract me, but I don't see the point of the neoprene/material upper on the boot, it’s something which the muck boot is known for and I just feel Seeland have done their take on the Muck Boot!


I think the trial boot could be made more specific and not attract the unisex market.


The best bit about the testing would be the little freebies we have got to promote mole valley with!! It’s been great meeting the other testers too.



Thank you Mole Valley for the opportunity! 



Bertie Hayton - First Year Agric 

Bertie's boots were supplied by Seeland.

Source Details

Bertie Hayton, #Team Ciren from the #UniInMyWellies project.

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