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Cattle and Sheep Producers can Undertake a Comprehensive Worm Control Programme with Mole Valley Farmers Worming Products.

 benzimole levamole

New Sheep and Cattle Worming Products for Molecare Range

Benzimole SC and Levamole Join the MoleCale Worming Range at Mole Valley Farmers.

Two new sheep and cattle drenches have joined our own MoleCare product worming range making a full armoury of worm control medicines, which means cattle and sheep producers could undertake a comprehensive worm control programme with our products.

Produced by a leading animal health company, Benzimole SC and Levamole oral drenches are quality products at a competitive price. The ‘white’ drench, Benzimole SC, includes the active ingredient albendazole and can be used for the control of roundworms, lungworms, tapeworm, adult liver fluke and roundworm eggs. The drench also contains two essential trace elements, selenium and cobalt which help promote animal health and wellbeing.

Levamole falls under the ‘yellow’ drench category and includes the active ingredient Levamisole. This can be used in the treatment and control of roundworms and lungworms (husk) in cattle and sheep.

The full range of MoleCare medicines for cattle and sheep include Moleecto Sheep pour-on (fly control), Molemec Cattle pour-on wormer, Molemec Cattle / Sheep injection wormer, Molemec Super injection Cattle wormer including flukicide and Molemec Sheep Wormer (oral drench).

For more information or for animal health advice, speak to one of trained staff (SQP) at your local branch.



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