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Struggling To Pick Up Your Shotgun Cartridge Cases? Why Not Use Our Handy Bigfoot!

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Using a Shotgun Cartridge Collector to Make The Shooting Season Easier  


A Bigfoot Quick Release Shotgun Cartridge Collector Will Save The Hassel of Picking Up Your Cases


Why not make the chore of picking up shotgun cartridge cases easier with to a magnetic cartridge collector?


If you still think a magnetic stick is the answer to the problem, think back to the rainy season a couple of years ago and how irritating it would be to pull all those muddy cartridges off while accidently smearing mud all over expensive leather and shooting gloves. The Napier Bigfoot Quick Release Cartridge Collector available from Mole Valley Farmers could offer you the help you need! 


On most commercial shoots, cartridge cases are collected from around the peg and if you want to make life easier you would want a “Bigfoot”. In operation it could not be simpler, plonk it into a pile of cartridges, lift, pop into a plastic bag and pull the auto release and repeat.


Easy to clean, 77cms long, so no bending required, lightweight with a large magnetic surface area. Once you have used this you will never want to be parted from it.


For the practical jokers, you can lift the entire contents of a box of paper clips, hold them over a victims head and release!


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