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smaXtec Systems

 Smaxtec in Dublin

smaXtec Technology at the World Buiatrics Congress in Dublin 2016

The Smaxtec team were proud to be a part of the world's premier cattle health congress in Dublin last week where they had a stand dedicated to their innovative technology.  Demonstrating the ease and efficacy of their tool, the team were delighted to spend time talking to delegates about how to access key physiological data from a herd in real time.  
The precision data indicates problems to the farmer, thus allowing them to act swiftly to take corrective action. Smaxtec are able to offer this data to aid fafrmers with health, feeding and fertility.  Read on for more detailed information on smaXtec animal care.

Main components of the smaXtec system:

  1. The smaXtec Sensor +pH is designed to provide continuous measurement of ruminal pH and temperature as well as activity levels

  2. The smaXtec Sensor continuously and wirelessly records the core temperature in the rumen and the cow’s activity levels.

  3. The smaXtec Climate Sensor is designed to provide continuous measurement of environmental factors such as outside temperature and humidity level.

  4. The smaXtec Base Station automatically receives the relevant data in real-time. The data is transmitted to the smaXtec server where it can be accessed from the online archive.

  5. The smaXtec Repeater can be used to extend the range of the smaXtec Base Station.

  6. The smaXtec Messenger sends youimmediate alerts if there are signifi cant changes in rumen pH, temperature or activity levels

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