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Energy Saving Technology in Our Stores

Increased energy efficiency in Mole Valley Farmers’ stores


Any form of increased efficiency is not only beneficial to the owner of that technology but also on a wider scale to those who use it. Whether these are used to increase our bottom line, fix our costs, reduce our maintenance or to reduce our carbon footprint, we all see this technology as an enhancement.


Over the past few years Mole Valley Farmers has implemented various technologies in order to improve its energy consumption and overall efficiencies in our various stores. 


Solar PV installations have been erected on 8 stores which has created over 650,000 Kw/H of energy since its inception. These installations are also regularly maintained to ensure efficiency levels remain high and are operating safely, thereby protecting this asset and the financial returns.


LED lighting is now being installed in order to not only reduce the energy consumption in stores but also to reduce maintenance which is not only disruptive but expensive. As a by-product of this project the lumen output is also increased, thereby creating a lighting environment that benefits our customers with higher visibility.


The next phase is to install system monitoring on the Solar PV arrays, to ensure efficiency at all times. The system can be monitored directly but are also viewed remotely, to highlight any potential system or string issues that may arise. By doing so, this approach helps reduce maintenance costs and reliably monitors the rate of return from the PV, therefore acting as a safeguard for the asset.


The solutions are integrated within the stores and to many of our customers are invisible on a daily basis. However, they demonstrate the potential efficiencies available highlight these technologies which any user can implement. So whether you are an adopter of energy reduction or not, you have access to proven solutions and enhancements which will benefit you and your business.


For more information on Solar PV installations, LED lighting solutions and monitoring, ask in your local store today or contact moleenergy on 01769 576505


Molesolar Plus service and maintenance plan


If you have solar panels, whether you are a Molesolar Plus customer or not, you will be aware that your earnings and savings depend on your panels’ continued performance. Molesolar Plus offers a comprehensive service and maintenance plan that covers all sizes of installations and all makes of solar panels.


• Trained technicians with expertise in every aspect of solar installation


• Extensive checks and maintenance to ensure long-term performance


• Free additional call out included Molesolar Plus is part of Mole Valley Farmers.


Customer care is at the heart of our business - our solar customers are no exception.

Please call our team of specialists for more information on 01769 576505.


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