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Could An Animal Space Hopper Make The Ideal Christmas Present?

Space hopper

Jump Over the Moon With Our Animals Space Hoppers


A Great Deal With Our Animal Space Hoppers This Christmas


Leap like a frog or jump over the Moon with an animal space hopper! 

With Christmas only weeks away we have a great offer on these fun space hoppers which will give your child (or grown up child) a great way to have fun and keep fit into 2015.

The retro toy will take bouncing to a whole new level and comes with ears and hors for your child to grip on to.

They can be used indoors and outdoors and do not require batteries or make annoying noises or emit flashing lights.

Get two and encourage your children to play together while developing their balance, hand eye coordination, confidence and imagination.

If you buy two together you can save money and get both for £24 including VAT – you’d be hopping mad not to! 

The 45cm PVC and polyester hoppers are suitable for anyone aged over three and also come with a handy foot pump.




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