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The Mild Winters and Recent Weather Conditions Mean a Flea Infestation in Your Home Could be Imminent.

 flea infestation

Stop a Flea Infestation Now Before an ‘Explosion’ in the Population

Mole Valley Farmers has all you need to stop a flea infestation in its tracks.

An explosion in the flea population has been predicted and pet owners have been advised to hop to it, to prevent a flea infestation. 

Scientists from the British Pest Control Association say that due to milder winters the flea population has swelled, and that because the temperature and humidity rates reach the ideal climate for fleas, they will awaken and breed.

Fleas can thrive in soft furnishings and carpets as larvae and eggs can remain dormant for a long time. Up to 95% of the flea population exists in immature stages near to pets, lurking in your carpets, sofas and – not wanting to give you nightmares – your bed. So those fleas you thought you had got rid of thanks to your spraying, vacuuming and defleaing, could make an unwelcome return.

Mole Valley Farmers have a range of household sprays to help combat the problem, and treatment needs to be throughout the house, concentrating on where you dog and cat spend their time, and where eggs may have fallen from the coat or fur. 

Make sure you regularly wash your pet’s bedding, and any clothes on hot washes. 

Following on from spraying, it is worth using flea treatment on your cat or dog. You will be able to find products to help you in store or online, including brands such as Advantage, Johnson’s and Frontline. It may also be worth considering a flea collar.

We understand that fleas can be a persistent problem, and are more than happy to advise you about which would suit your needs.



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