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Treat Your Wellies Right This Summer

 Tips for summer boot care - read more

Summer Wellies - Tips for Summer Boot Care

To survive the predicted El Nino summer heat in your wellington boots, here are a few tips and tricks.  For rubber wellington boots, such as Aigle, Le Chameau, Seeland and Barbour, leaving them in direct sunshine will cause the boots to discolour.  It will also cause the rubber to dry out and potentially crack.


Bekina Steplite
Seeland Allround Nylon
Purofort Professional Wellies
Grubs Frostline wellingtons
Aigle Vario Wellies

The soggy gap may not become apparent until it begins to rain again and the crack will be in a crease line.  The easiest way to protect your boots is to use a silicon spray, such as Aigle Swipol as it will keep the boots conditioned and supple and protect from UV damage.


For the Grubs boots with the neoprene uppers, these are fully waterproof right up to the top.  If you find them too warm in the summer, the benefit of the exposed neoprene is that they can be folded down to calf height or lower and still keep you feet protected and dry.


Neoprene lined boots have the advantage that the neoprene material is breathable and should reduce sweat in the heat on legs and feet.  However, we have options available that are nylon or cotton lined in store too such as the Aigle Parcours 2 Vario and Seeland All Round Nylon.


Our PU (polyeurethene) boots from Dunlop and Bekina come with a guide line so that they can be cut down for comfort and to get a bit more air around your legs in the summer heat.  This won’t affect the guarantee on the boot sole for wear and tear.


Our PVC boots from Jonsson, Nora Dolomite and Bodmin act as a thermos.  If you can put your feet in cold, they should stay cool throughout the day.  However, they are not breathable and can get quite whiffy!  Removable insoles can help to prevent this but won’t resolve a foot odour problem.


Should you have any queries or questions on your wellington boots, you can find me on Twitter @QueenWellington

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Caroline Rowden, Footwear Product Manager

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