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Stay Safe Out There

 Take A Moment

Take A Moment to Stay Safe

Agricultural workers also suffer 13,000 non-fatal injuries a year, whilst back pain, sprains and strains are over three times the rate of all other industries.


The cost of injuries to agriculture is estimated to be about £190 million a year. Last month the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) set a target to reduce the number of farming fatalities by at least 50% by summer 2023.  Read more at


As an industry leader and farmer-owned business Mole Valley Farmers is in a unique position to make a real difference and influence cultural change within the sector, by helping to improve safe working practice on farms. We recently launched a new initiative at the Devon County Show that asks farmers to ‘Take A Moment’ to consider their safety. At the heart of the  initiative are the following themes:

  • Take a moment to understand your working enviroment
  • Take a moment to Identify potential hazards
  • Take a amoment to read relevant safety information
  • Take a moment to consider the machinery you;re about to use
  • Take a moment to plan a safe return home to family and friends

In conjunction with the launch at the show, all Mole Valley Farmers stores will have a dedicated ‘Take A Moment’ area with health and safety leaflets and educational material available; alongside  a range of safety equipment such as goggles, dust masks, safety footwear and hi-viz clothing. We will also be developing more health and safety products and services over the coming months to help farm workers, working alongside the HSE ( to support wider industry initiatives. Health and safety is a fundamental requirement of a sustainable farming business and should be regarded as an essential part of farm business management.

Farm businesses use management systems to make sure that crops and animals are kept healthy and productive. Carefully planning what to plant and when, assessing risks of disease and other incidents that may affect crops or animals. Farmers control these problems, monitor growth and decide when to harvest. They then work out how successful they have been and come up with improvements.

Managing health and safety is no different it needs to be managed to make sure that you, your workers, family members and others are kept safe at work.




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