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New Calseabloc Range Available at Mole Valley Farmers for Essential Trace Minerals and Elements

 calseabloc - trace minerals for your herd

New Calseabloc Range Providing Essential Trace Minerals to Livestock

Harnessing the power of the sea to provide trace minerals to your cattle and sheep with calseabloc. 


Our new Calseabloc range has been specially formulated to provide essential trace minerals and elements while conditioning the rumen to enhance the digestion of forage. 

The Calseabloc range is based on sodium which ensures that animals self-regulate their consumption to their need, meaning livestock will only take what they require and not over consume. Calseagrit (refined calcified seaweed) and Biotech (an extract of brown algae) are two unique ingredients which are included to condition the rumen, aid forage digestion and maximise mineral uptake.

Average consumption is: 

  • Cows - 63g/head/day
  • Sheep - 16g/head/day

The Calseabloc is manufactured under a pressurised system which produces a product that is weatherproof, durable and contains less than 1% moisture. They are all accredited with an ISO9001 standard that guarantees quality, traceability and therefore peace of mind.

How to Feed

Calseablocs are best positioned near, but not next, to water and should be around 1.5m–1.8m off the ground for cattle, or on or near the ground for sheep. 

Block Holders

We can supply appropriate block holders that support regular intake and offer protection from damage or wastage. With qualifying orders, we can provide a free holder. Details of two holders below:

Heavy Duty Metal Holder:

This heavy duty metal wall holder has been designed for the 15kg Calseabloc. The holder has been pre-drilled to enable it to be fixed to a wall or a post. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pasture Holder:

The Calseabloc pasture holder is a fully portable unit for field use. It has been designed so it can be easily moved on a daily basis to help prevent poaching.

Calsea Cattle 

This is a general purpose block containing a wide range of minerals, trace elements and vitamin E. It is suitable for youngstock and lactating cows to help prevent mineral deficiencies throughout the year. 

Calsea Cattle Plus 

A high specification block formulated to balance the animals mineral requirements when they are at their greatest. Protected zinc, protected selenium and vitamin E are all included to enhance immune function. 

Calsea Mag

This block is suitable for both cattle and sheep and is balanced with minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help correct the deficiencies associated with spring grass. A high level of magnesium is included to help reduce the onset of grass staggers. 

Calsea Grazer 

As the summer months progress there is often a deterioration in the quality of summer grazing which can result in mineral and trace element deficiencies. Calsea grazer has been formulated to help correct these deficiencies in cattle.

Calsea Calver

Should be introduced 8 weeks pre-calving. Formulated to help correct mineral and trace element deficiencies associated at this time. A mineral imbalance can lead to problems such as extended calving, retained placenta, a poor start to lactation or other metabolic disorders.

Calsea Digest 

Contains mineral and trace elements to help correct the deficiencies associated with winter feed and housing. Certain feeds and feeding systems can lead to a reduction in rumen pH (acidosis) which may result in a reduction in growth or milk yield. Calsea Digest has been formulated to help balance the rumen pH against these acidic conditions.

Calsea Sheep

Formulated to balance the mineral, trace element and vitamin requirements around the key nutritional needs of the animal at tupping, pre and post lambing. Contains a high level of zinc, (including protected zinc) to help optimise hoof, skin, wool and horn condition. Can be fed all year round.

For further details or to request a copy of our new Calseabloc leaflet, please ask at your Mole Valley Farmers branch or contact:  Buckets and Blocks: 01566 780261 Email: [email protected]





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