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Help For Ugandan Orphans

 Send A Cow Ugandan Orphans

The Ugandan Orphans Project - Send A Cow

Founded by British farmers in 1988, during the time of the EU milk quotas, Send a Cow gives African farmers livestock, tools, seeds and training to help them build a sustainable future. It has already lifted over 1.3 million people out of poverty and you can help them give hope to many more.

The charity is one well supported by Mole Valley members and today we appeal to you to support a new project Send a Cow has just launched in Uganda - their Ugandan Orphans Project. Profoundly affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, thousands of children in the Rakai district of Uganda are left vulnerable and too often are forced away from the land to a life of crime, child labour or even prostitution.

Kasiita’s Story



Kasiita and his five younger brothers and sisters had to grow up fast when their parents died of HIV/AIDS five years ago. He was 15 and the youngest was just two years old. Since that time they have faced a daily struggle to provide the food they need to stay healthy and earn enough money to send the younger ones to school. Kasiita has been teaching his siblings to dance and drum so they can be hired for celebrations. The older children, who had to drop out of school a long time ago, labour on neighbouring farms. 

This project will help them and other families like them to keep clean and healthy, collect water, grow their own food and earn an income from the sale of produce. With Send a Cow’s support these children will look forward to a brighter future with the hope of fulfilling their dreams.

Please make your donation today and help change a child’s life.



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