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The Variability of Yield in Cereals

variability of yield


Variability of Yield

CEREALS - Variability of yield


We have argued for many years that yield results of cereal varieties should be more closely looked at before making a decision. Some can have ‘one off’ years in producing an outstanding figure which can distort the overall mean in the HGCA Recommended List. It is therefore of real interest to see NIAB TAGs recent Consistency data.


Varietal yields can vary tremendously from site to site and year to year, it is therefore important to look at selecting varieties that are going to offer consistency. One reason why JB Diego has proven so popular over the years is its consistency to perform and ‘do what it says on the tin’.


Consistency data allows you to assess variety potential as well as risk and helps you to make an informed choice and manage varieties effectively.


Both group 1 varieties KWS Trinity and Skyfall clearly show a yield advantage, but offer a narrower window. Although the potential of both these varieties isn’t huge, they both massively decrease the risk of getting a low yield, which pushes the mean up which can only be a good thing.


Group 2 newcomer, KWS Lili has a similar effect, offering a high yield as well as consistency across sites and years, with bags of potential at relatively low risk. Zulu remains the most consistent group 3 variety. The new high yielding variety Britannia, whilst showing a wide range, has a low yield point similar to Zulu, but with a much higher potential, so while the risks are similar, the chance of a very high performance is far better with Britannia.


Revelation is the most consistent feed variety with Grafton, Reflection and KWS Kielder being the most variable. However, despite its variability, Reflection’s combination of a high low point (low risk) and high potential does offer opportunities.


Varieties for autumn


Winter Wheat

We have some exciting new varieties in this autumn’s portfolio. Firstly, Nelson winter wheat which is perfect for the feed farmer wanting tall straw, cleanliness, good yields and a big bold sample with high protein and specific weight potential. As a German E quality wheat (the highest rating for milling Germany), it is also suitable to those looking to achieve a milling premium, therefore, really hitting the mark as a dual purpose variety.


Costello is a new variety added to the recommended list for its grain quality. Represented by the same agents as JB Diego, Costello is sure to be an extremely popular variety, offering a 2% yield increase over JB Diego, the highest specific weight and the highest protein potential of any feed variety on the Recommended List. Although this is a short variety, it has a high tillering trait, so shouldn’t be discounted due to its height. Costello is a variety that will provide consistency, good disease resistance, yield and excellent grain quality.


We recommend booking these two varieties early, as they are likely to sell out quickly.


Varieties available: Britannia, Claire, Costello, Crusoe, Evolution, Gallant, Grafton, JB Diego, KWS Kielder, KWS Lili, Leeds, Nelson, Relay, Reflection, Revelation, Skyfall, KWS Trinity, Zulu


Winter Barley

KWS Cassia is the UK’s most widely grown 2-row feed barley and is expected to take around 15% of the market. It has a combination of high yield, sound straw characteristics and good disease resistance, coupled with barley yellow mosaic virus resistance.


Varieties available: Carat, KWS Cassia, Florentine, KWS Glacier, KWS Infi nity, Talisman, KWS Tower, SY Venture, Volume (hybrid), Bazooka (hybrid)


Winter Oats

Mascani is still the No.1 UK variety with up to 60% of the market; it is early to mature and has excellent disease resistance, particularly to crown rust. The excellent grain quality should continue to ensure its popularity with the millers.


Varieties available: Dalguise, Gerald, Mascani, Selwyn



After its first year of trials, Securo is an exciting new triticale, which has sailed straight through to its 2nd year on the official HGCA Recommended List, as the top yielding variety. It is a tall triticale with mid to early maturity. It has an excellent disease resistance package and offers high proteins and straw production making it ideal for own farm use.


There will be limited seed so we advise booking early.  Call the seedline on 01769 576232 or contact your local farm sales office.

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Suzanne Smyth, Arable Trader

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