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Molecare Nutritional Supplement for Sheep

 vitamin and mineral deficiencies in sheeps


Vitamin and Mineral and Deficiencies in Sheep

Vitamins and minerals make up a small but essential part of the total nutrient requirements of your sheep


The appearance of obvious signs of deficiency in herds and flocks can be a surprise to many farmers, each instance carrying a cost in reduced performance and subsequent treatment. This is not including any additive costs which may have mounted up over time in lost performance due to underlying deficiencies which are unseen. Helping to ensure against this by proactive supplementation is key.

Vitamins and minerals make up a small and yet essential part of the total nutrient requirements of your sheep and cattle. The choice of supplement to achieve the optimum balance of micro-nutrients is vital. This will help reduce the effects of an unpredictable climate combined with the added problems of the environment and disease threats.    

Molecare Nutritional Supplement has recently been improved to maximise nutrient content combined with ease of use for the farmer, achieved by reformulation using new “LiquiFlow,” technology. This new design has been driven by the needs of both the animal and the farmer, maximising delivery of nutrients in a practical easy dose system.

This is achieved by the inclusion of:

Micro-crystalline chelates 

giving optimum availability and gut absorption, helping allow for faster delivery and retention, better supporting performance when nutrient demand is high.

Free flowing formula 

Quick and easy flow through applicators to ensure reliable and accurate dosing.

Refined energy source 

Replacing molasses with an energy supply which helps feed the gut to aid uptake of nutrients into the bloodstream.

Consider Molecare Nutritonal Supplement with LiquiFlow to help ensure the correct nutrient balance during key stages:

  • Tupping/service
  • Mid pregnancy
  • Young lambs/calves during worming/weaning

Molecare Nutritional Supplement for Sheep is available in 2 sizes, 2.5lts and 5lts with and without copper in all Mole Valley Farmers branches.


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