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Define What You Need from your Wellies

which wellies are best for you?


Which Wellies Are Best For You?


If you have ever wondered which wellies are best for you this guide may help…

Wellies are serious business at Mole Valley Farmers; the range that we have provides everything from a basic boot for gardening in the autumn or fruit picking in the summer to high end boots that are perfect for functional use. 
How do you know what you need?
Are you in boots regularly?
In general someone who uses their boots every day for long periods would be well advised to invest in a good pair of wellington boots.  A pair of quality boots will help avoid chaffing and fatigue.
Do you work in your boots?
If you are looking for work boots keep in mind that these will need to work hard on your behalf.  Think about protective toe caps, boots that are strong with a sturdy grip and are not going to be affected by chemicals or oils.  Work boots need to be as comfortable as possible to give tired feet and legs some respite and remember that some mid sole support can help against nasty punctures.
Do you want boots for fun?
Anyone looking for a fun pair of wellington boots for outings and adventures such as festival and outdoor events could stand to choose something with colour and flair.  Joules’ range of patterned boots, Barbour’s floral designs and Aigle’s coloured offerings are perfect to add a bit of style to your outfit whilst keeping feet comfortable and dry.
To help define what you need from your boots we have debunked a few terms you might come across when buying wellies online to help you to figure out which boot is best for you:
  • Anti-fatigue boots – The sole has been designed to have least pressure under foot.  The boot grips the leg so that the boot does not cause extra strain or effort to carry.  Aigle boots have anti fatigue technology.
  • Shock absorbing sole – like a shock absorber on your car, the shock absorbing sole works the same way by containing much of what is underfoot within the sole which stops it from transferring through the joints. 
  • Neoprene lining – These are boots made of the same material as wetsuits and gives comfort, warmth and breathability. Many Seeland boots have neoprene linings.
  • Quick drying polyester lining which has a sanitized antibacterial treatment – the antibacterial agent in the lining prevents any body moisture becoming fungal.  This antibacterial treatment is found widely in Aigle Parcours 2 Vario boots.
  • Glass fibre shank – This is a carbonised plastic mid sole unit put in place so that the foot is given extra support when walking across heavy terrain.  It also protects from punctures to the foot through the sole.
  • 360° grip – The 360 grip has been designed so that you won’t slip around on uneven surfaces.
  • Leather lining – A leather lining regulates perspiration and avoids the chafing often experienced during long periods of use.
  • Acid & oil resistant sole – These are best suited for use within a dairy parlour.  This type of boot won’t rot too quickly with the acids, caustics and oils used within dairy farming.
  • TRAX outer sole and HEXORB inner sole – This technology help with impact suppression and thermal insulation and is specific to Grubs boots.
  • Complies with ISO20345 safety footwear standards – Boot with this label comply with European safety footwear standards so anyone who has to use wellies as part of their uniform will need these.  A good boot for this would be the Dunlop Professional Full Safety boot.
  • Rubber boots – Rubber is used for comfort, strength and flexibility and is a traditional material for a wellington boot.
  • Anatomically designed foot bed – The sole unit has been designed to how the foot is moulded rather than having a flat foot bed; this means it’s extra comfortable.
  • Virgin PVC Wellington boot – Virgin PVC is a cleaner material than recycled PVC which can be used in boots.



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