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World Horse Welfare

world horse welfare

World Horse Welfare Get Mole Valley Farmers Grooming Kits

Mole Valley Farmers has been delighted to work with World Horse Welfare's Somerset branch, at Glenda Spooner Farm, by donating  a beautifully boxed grooming kit, valued at £35, for each horse or pony that is rehomed.

WHW is a horse charity that improves the lives of horses both in the UK and around the world through education, campaigning, and hands-on care. The recent economic slump has seen even more horses and ponies mistreated, neglected or abandoned, leading to unprecedented demands on WHW’S resources and many equines requiring new homes.  
Claire Phillips, WHW Centre Manager explains:

WHW has many horses and ponies looking for loving homes. One of these is a piebald cob called Noddy, who came into WHW’s care following a report via the charity’s welfare line. Noddy was with four other ponies - all were incredibly underweight and kept in unacceptably poor conditions.  The ponies were removed, but poor Noddy was suffering from malnutrition. With the dedicated care of our team at Glenda Spooner Farm, alongside our supportive vets and farriers, he is now well on the way to making a full recovery.  As time goes on, we will assess what level of work Noddy is able to do and decide whether he should be rehomed as a companion or with potential as a ridden or driving pony.

Claire continued:

We are so grateful for the on-going support of Mole Valley Farmers, including the wonderful grooming kits which now accompany all our equines to their new homes. This provides the owners with range of essential brushes, combs and hoof picks, so they can pamper their new family member and ensure they look their best at all times!  WHW works hard to improve the lives of horses, but we are dependent on continuously rehoming the horses, freeing up the stables so that we can rescue and rehabilitate more needy equines, some in desperate or even life threatening, conditions. People considering rehoming can go to our website and see the many shapes, sizes and varieties they come in!

Julie Edwards, Head of Agricultural Marketing and Corporate Communications says:

Mole Valley Farmers applauds the work that WHW does, constantly balancing the demands of horses in need and the funding requirements of a charity.  We do hope that people take a closer look at the many horses and ponies that need rehoming, and that the added incentive of a free grooming kit means that even more of them find the forever families that they deserve”.


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