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Calling All Young Stock Handlers!

Mole Valley Farmers Young Handlers

Mole Valley Young Handlers Series 2018

Young Handlers - Supporting the Next Generation


The Mole Valley Farmer Young Handlers Series 2018 culminated at Holsworthy & Stratton Show  on Thursday 23 August.  The final classes in Mole Valley Farmers’ Young Handlers Series 2018 were held at Holsworthy & Stratton Show on Thursday 23 August.

The children with the top three scores in each category received a cup and sash, class winner rosettes plus £100 of Mole Valley Farmers vouchers; £50 for second place and £25 for third place.

Phoebe Hart, who is based at Mole Valley Farmers’ Holsworthy store, created and runs the Series. Phoebe said:

“Congratulations to all our winners and many thanks to all the children who have worked so hard over the summer showing their animals in our classes across the South West.  It has been good getting to know them and lovely to see how their skills developed. At each show the Leader Board was situated at the Mole Valley Farmers Marquee and the children were always excited to see where they stood on it.  Many a parent has been persuaded to attend a show many miles away to help try and secure those precious extra points! So well done and if you didn’t make the top three this year, please come again in 2019!” 


The Series, which started at Liskeard Show in July, was open to young stock handlers aged 12 and under on 1 January 2018 in Sheep, Beef and Dairy classes.  Its aims to inspire and nurture young farmers under the banner of ‘Supporting the next generation.




----- Results Table -----

Liskeard show results:

Beef – Age 12 and under:
1st Bea Hooper
2nd Harriet Moon
3rd Jack Wellbelove

Dairy - Age 12 and under:
1st Evie Walters
2nd Lily Walters

Sheep - Age 6 and under:
1st Rebecca Stacey
2nd Ruby Doidge
3rd Bella Martyn Uglow

- Age 9 and under:
1st Archie Doidge
2nd Maddison Roth
3rd Rose Statton

- Age 12 and under:
1st Amy Coumbe
2nd Mark Thomas
3rd Claire Dickinson.

Launceston show results:

Sheep under 8:
1st Dennis Bearns
2nd Rosie Statton
3rd Bella Martyn Uglow

Sheep 8 – 12:
1st Samuel Nancekivell
2nd Amy Coumbe
3rd Amy Perkins

Beef Under 12:
1st Cerys Osborne
2nd Bea Hooper
3rd Oliver Neal

Dairy 12 and under:
1st Anna Mortimer
2nd Matthew Rowland
3rd Harry Neal

Woolsery show results:

Sheep under 8:
1st Jack Burton
2nd Bella Martyn Uglow
3rd Alfie Braund

Sheep 8 - 12:
1st Carina Dawe
2nd Jessica Norman
3rd Freya Glessing

Beef under 10:
1st Jack Moon

Beef under 12:
1st Harriet Moon
2nd Bea Hooper
3rd Louise Roberts

Dairy under 10:
1st Lily Cleave

Dairy under 12:
1st Bethany Murch
2nd Anna Mortimer
3rd Matthew Rowland

North Devon show results:

Sheep 8 and under
1st Isabel Ley
2nd R Gillbard
3rd J Blackmore

Sheep 12 and under
1st George Snell
2nd J Hoddinott
3rd Jess Hart

Beef 10 and under
1st Jack Moon

Beef 12 and under
1st Grace Denning
2nd Charlie Carey
3rd Bea Hooper

Dairy 12 and under
1st Anna Mortimer
2nd Isla Nicholls

Camelford show results:

Beef under 12
1st Bea Hooper
2nd Cerys Osborne
3rd Jack Moon

Dairy under 12
1st Anna Mortimer
2nd Matthew Rowland
3rd Eevelyn Coumbe

Sheep under 8
1st Bella Martyn Uglow
2nd Jack Burlton
3rd Pippa Braund

Sheep under 12
1st Samuel Nancekivell
2nd Cerys Osborne
3rd William Merret

Okehampton show results:

Dairy under 12:
1st Harry Johns
2nd Matthew Rowland
3rd Anna Mortimer

Beef Under 12:
1st Cerys Osborne
2nd Bea Hooper
3rd Harriet Moon

Sheep 5 - 8:
1st Thomas Nash
2nd Alfie Braund
3rd Thomas Glessing

Sheep 8 – 12:
1st Amy Coumbe
2nd Cerys Osborne
3rd Katie Wreyford

Dunster show results:

Dairy under 12:
1st Matthew Rowland
2nd Jessica Briggs
3rd Rosie Hamlett

Beef under 12:
1st Grace Denning
2nd Bea Hooper
3rd Josie Budge

Sheep under 7:
1st Molly Gibbons
2nd Sam Barnett
3rd Jessica Browne

Sheep under 12:
1st Elsa Aback
2nd Harry Stamp
3rd Laura Westcott

Holsworthy show results:

Dairy under 10:
1st Lily Cleave
2nd Tamsyn Ley
3rd Harry Neal

Dairy under 12:
1st Bethany Murch
2nd Anna Mortimer

Beef under 10:
1st Cerys Osborne
2nd Bea Hooper
3rd Harriet Moon

Beef under 12:
1st Charlie Carey

Sheep under 8A:
1st Jack Hopper
2nd Bella Martyn Uglow
3rd Jack Burlton

Sheep under 8B:
1st Oliver Burlton
2nd Zac Slade
3rd Dennis Bearns

Sheep under 12A:
1st Harriet Allin
2nd Cerys Osborne
3rd Ryan Hasson

Sheep under 12B:
1st Carina Dawe
2nd Tom Petherick
3rd Jessica Berry

The three children who won their respective class in 2017 were Bella Martin Uglow (Sheep); Anna Mortimer (Dairy) and Cerys Osbourne (Beef).

----- Leaderboard -----


1st Anna Mortimer 14

2nd Matthew Rowland 10

3rd Lily Cleave, Bethany Murch 6


1st Bea Hooper 17

2nd Cerys Osborne 11

3rd Jack Moon, Harriet Moon 7


1st Bella Martyn Uglow 9

2nd Amy Coumbe 8

3rd Samuel Nancekivell, Carina Dawe, Cerys Osborne, Jack Burlton 6




At the tender age of four years old, Bella is already in her second full year of sheep showing! She is the youngest registered member of the Border Leicester breed society and a registered keeper in her own right. Her flock is known as ‘Bella's Boarder Leicesters’.


Her top sheep include Rupert, Helen and Opal. Due to having triplets this year, (and all ewe lambs too!), Opal is on 'maternity leave', so won’t be in the show ring this season.

Bella’s parents Lesley and Phil have recently moved home to the family beef and sheep farm in Boyton, near Launceston, Cornwall to join Lesley's parent's. The family have a long history of showing, particularly Border Leicester's. So the future’s bright for the next generation, as Bella and her little sister Sibyl are both keen farmers, who are becoming rather useful, especially at lambing time.


Phoebe Downton, who is based at Mole Valley Farmers’ Holsworthy store, runs the Series. Phoebe explains:


“Bella was a very worthy and professional winner last year of the Sheep category despite being only three at the time. With Anna and Kerys, she is one of our Young Handler Series Ambassadors for 2018. They are great role models for other youngsters who will hopefully be inspired to join us in the showring this year. As shows are where town meets country, they are great places for the agricultural community to display their livestock and demonstrate what an integral part of the countryside farmers are. It’s always lovely to see different generations coming together to promote their prefix. ”


She continued:


“Mole Valley Farmers understands that the future of the industry rests on ensuring that the younger generation is motivated, knowledgeable and keen to join the family ‘firm’. We believe that our Young Handlers Series is helping to do just this. As a business we regularly get involved with Young Farmers Club initiatives, but the Young Handlers Series enables us to also support their younger brothers and sisters.”


The qualifying shows are: 

·        Saturday 14 July – LISKEARD

·        Thursday 26 July – LAUNCESTON

·        Monday 30 July – WOOLSERY

·        Wednesday 1 August – NORTH DEVON

·        Wednesday 8 August – CAMELFORD

·        Thursday 9 August – OKEHAMPTON

·        Friday 17th August – DUNSTER

·        Thursday 23 August – HOLSWORTHY

Children placed first, second or third in the Young Handler Series are allotted points throughout the season.

The Series culminates at Holsworthy & Stratton Show, with a special presentation to the children with the top three scores in each category. The winner will receive a cup and sash, plus £100 of Mole Valley Farmers vouchers; £50 for second place and £25 for third place.



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Susi Atkinson, Newsletter.

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