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Dog Coat Size Guide

For the most accurate fit, measure your dog:

Coat size is determined by measuring nape of the neck to base of tail.

Be sure your dog is standing squarely, with head up, while measuring. With your dog looking straight ahead, measure from the point where the neck joins the body to the point where the tail joins the body.

You can use this table to find an approximate size, but we do recommend measuring your dog to find the best fitting coat.

Dog Coat Size Guide To Fit Breed as Below or Similar
10”/25cm   Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Yorkie
12”/30cm XXS Border Terrier, Cavalier, Jack Russell,  Scottie, Shih Tzu
14”/35cm XS Beagle, Bichon, French Bulldog, Westie
16”/40cm S Miniuture Bull Terrier, Cocker, Staffordshire Bull
18”/45cm M Bull Terrier, Cocker
20”/50cm L Bassett, Boxer, Pitbull, Springer, Vizsla
22”/55cm Dalmation, Doberman, Shorthair Pointer
24”/60cm XL Foxhound, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler
26”/65cm     German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, Irish Setter, Weimaraner
28”/70cm   Mastiff, Rhodesian Ridgeback
30”/75cm   Newfoundland, Great Dane



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