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Shooting Products from Mole Valley Farmers

For those who follow country pursuits, part of the pleasure is equipping yourself with the right clothes and accessories.   We have a wide range of products for you to chose from, and a small selection is highlighted here.  Whether you enjoy the challenge of pheasant or partridge shooting, clay pigeon shooting or target shooting, we have everything you might need. 

See our game cover crops.  For a copy of our shooting accessories catalogue, please email us at  

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Advice Videos

View our informative advice videos covering topics such as Shotgun Cartridges, Cleaning Your Shot Gun and Shotgun Legislation.

Country Clothing

Wellies on shootThe famous Barbour clothing range is available from Mole Valley Farmers.  We stock the Berwick, Border and Northumberland jackets along with a range of belts, hats and scarves.  Barbour neoprene gloves have fold-back fingers which helps protect against cold and wet weather, and give freedom to handle equipment and safety catches. For more information and to buy online see our Shooting and Country Clothing section.

Tweed breeks from Hoggs of Fife and shooting jackets from Beaver make up the range.


Welly boots are the obvious choice of footwear, giving waterproof protection to knee height.  For shooting, why not buy a pair of wellingtons (we sell a variety of colours and types)?  Aigle and Le Chameau are also popular with country pursuit followers, Parcour and ISO are available in stock now.  For more information about our wellies and to buy online go to the Wellington Boot  section now.

Cartridge Bags and Belts

Shooting Products

Cartridge belts and bags are available at Mole Valley Farmers branches and via our web shop. Many other items from suppliers' catalogues can be ordered to your individual requirements.  To browse further, see the Shooting Accessories section, where you will also find ear defenders and glasses, game carriers and bags, gun cleaning equipment, gun slips, sticks, seats and counters.

Gun Cabinets

With strict laws and regulations regarding gun storage, you need to be certain your guns are safely housed when not in use.  Our top quality shot gun cabinets range from 2/3 gun breakdown to a 6/7 gun with locking top. Supplied by industry leader Bratton Sound.  All are double lock and anti-jemmy, meeting Police Authority requirements.  For more information, please see our Gun Cabinet section.  

Shooting Accessories

Other shooting equipment available at your local Mole Valley Farmers branch include, handlamps, decoy birds, gun cleaning kits, gun oil and gun barrel cleaner.  Pay a visit to your nearest branch and see what's available or for more information and to buy online see our Shooting Accessories section.

Gundog Accessories

Labradors gun dogs

A well-trained dog achieving a difficult retrieve gives a great sense of pride.  All you need for gun dog training is a lead, whistle, a couple of dummies - plus a bit of time!

You can buy all of these items (except time!) at your local Mole Valley Farmers, as well as online.  To view more of the range, go to the Dog Accessories section of our shop now.  Also, don't forget to keep your gun dog happy with one of the many working dog food brands we sell. See below for more information.

Dog Food

The simple advice for feeding your gundog is - find a working dry food that suits and stick to it, taking care not to overfeed him/her.

We have a vast range of dog foods on offer, from our own brand, Dr Mole, to the well known, Skinners Field & Trial, Chudleys, Beta and many others!  Explore our Dog Food section for more information or browse the Dog Products section for supplements, wormers, feeding bowls and much more.

Available Instore


Colourful pheasantIt might interest you to know that during the last financial year, Mole Valley Farmers sold almost 4,000,000 shot gun cartridges!  Our range includes Eley, Fob and Express and all the details, including price, are available here on our Shotgun Cartridges information page.

Download Shotgun Cartridge Price List >  (updated 5 12 15).

Clays and Traps

For trap shooting or skeet we offer standard, mini and midi clays.  The standard clay is also available in orange.  Other clay pigeons are available to order.

We stock a small, mobile trap suitable for beginners. It can be fitted on a car spare wheel and is fully transportable. Large professional traps are available by special order. If you are interested in placing an order, please contact your nearest Mole Valley Farmers branch


Modern broad-spectrum disinfectants enable the gamekeeper to protect against infections for which vaccination and medication are either not available, ineffective or costly.

Our range of Mole Valley Farmers/Antec disinfectants, cleaners and sanitisers give superior results leading to improved hatchability, lower chick mortality, stronger birds and reduced transfer of disease to wild birds.  A full range is available at your local branch.

Release Pens

Air rifle aim

A huge selection of netting, posts and electric fencers to meet all requirements is available from Mole Valley Farmers.  Your wire may need to be buried or, if not, turned outward and pegged, making contact with earth which is where high quality galvanising comes into its own.  It can stand lifting and moving, which is, of course, the backbone of disease control. 

Air Rifles

Available at Mole Valley Farmers branches, Cometa air rifles are manufactured in Spain to exacting standards by the family firm of Bascaran. All models feature best walnut stocks, accurate fully swaged barrels grooved ready to receive telescopic sights, fully adjustable open sights and auto safety catches. The three rifles in our range prove to be sturdy and reliable as well as excellent value for money and you can purchase air rifle pellets in our online shop.  Contact your local Mole Valley Farmers branch for more information about the range we supply.  If you'd like to speak to a member of staff, please see our choice of contact methods.

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