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Pig Feed

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Mole Valley Farmers pig feeds are formulated using high quality raw materials to provide value for money diets that will produce good animal performance.  These diets are non-medicated and therefore have flexibility of use.

  • Sow Nuts
  • Sow and Weaner Meal
  • Dry Sow Rolls

Guide to Feeding Sows

Pig foodFlushing 10 days prior to 1st service 3 – 3.5kgs
Pregnant 0-93 days 2 – 2.5kgs
94-111 days 2.5 – 3kgs
111 days to farrowing 3 – 3.5kgs
During lactation, per sow 3 – 3.5kgs plus 0.3kgs per piglet
Weaning oestrus 3 – 3.5kgs
During oestrus (2 days only) 6 – 6.5kgs

Feed levels should be gradually increased to the figures stated above, and should be adjusted according to management. Very high temperatures reduce sow appetite / feed intake.

Guide to Feed Consumption

Subject to husbandry and performance required:

1 sow would eat 1.3 t of feed per year
1 weaner from 5-30 kg would eat approx. 40 kg of feed
1 porker from 5-65 kg would eat approx. 100 kg of feed
1 cutter from 4-75 kg would eat approx. 135 kg of feed

Other Pig Feeds

Pig Grower Pellets

Ad lib from 8/10 weeks to 16 weeks
(a) Pork from 2.0kgs
(b) Cutters up to 2.25kgs
(c) Bacon up to 2.5kgs

Pig Creep Pellets

Ad lib up to 8/10 weeks

Pig Rearing Meal/Nuts

Additive free ration, suitable for feeding as a grower ration in less specialised systems or as a finisher ration for cutter production. Feeding rate similar to that for Pig Grower.

For more details please contact our nutritional advice line on 01278 444829.


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