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Animal Medicine Dairy & Beef


Welcome to Mole Valley Farmers’ Medicines page, here you will find our comprehensive range of cattle, dogs, cats, horses, sheep and pig medicines, supplements and health care.


View our range of cattle medicines including flukicides, supplements, vaccines, coccidial control and cattle wormers.


Keep your pets healthy with dog wormers cat wormers and flea & parasite control. We supply a selection of horse wormers from a number of brands, including Equest Pramox, to help keep your horse worm free and healthy


View our range of sheep medicines including fly & parasite control, vaccines, coccidial control, flukicides, supplements and sheep wormers.


We supply a selection of pig medicines and supplements to keep your pigs fit and healthy including treatments for internal and external parasite and iron injections.


Hoof care is important for many farm animals so making sure you have the right supplies to keep them healthy is essential. At Mole Valley Farmers, we sell foot bathing products, shears, knives, slips, blocks and sprays and treatments to both prevent and cure.


Disinfecting animal housing is important for their health, as well as your own, which is why we supply a range of disinfectants and cleaners as well as disposable shoe covers.


See are wide range of essential extras such as needles, disposable syringes, surgical spirits, lice powder, cod liver oil, thermometers, scalpels, supplements and much, much more. 

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